*We finally have a winner for the Obama Run DC T-Shirt Contest!! That took a minute.

Reader Toinetta found that a small company called Black Klown Clothier (www.blackklownclothier.blogspot.com) is selling the limited edition shirt.
No price is listed, but you can contact the designer at www.blackklownclothier.com.
*In the market for one of a kind gowns? Check out Antthony’s Originals (www.antthonyoriginals.com). A few offerings:
*A summer dress falls flat when you have unkempt pits and stems! The Fashion Bomb stands by the Schick Quattro for Women…

…it keeps it smooth! Read more at www.schickquattroforwomen.com.
*Ever dream of working at a Top Fashion Mag (or being on TV)? The Style Network is looking for Fashion Interns for a new show. I’m personally anti reality TV, but hey…ya never know I guess. Enroll in casting by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Run DC Shirt + Style Network Casting”

  1. Anyone having luck finding an online store or at least a contact e-mail for the Black Klown website?
    It’s a blog with no comments or e-mail posted.
    Not sure how purchasing works..

  2. I think that if you go to the website and contact the designer, it should work….there are instructions…blackklownclothier.com.

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