Happy Monday!
So after receiving over 100 votes and comments, the interns and I have whittled down our contestants. Below, the top four. Vote again today; Instead of leaving comments, just vote using the handy dandy poll below.
We’ll announce the winners very soon!

PS Special thanks to EVERYONE who participated! You’re the bomb!
Sales, Coupons, What Nots
* For my Beauty Bombers…

20% off at Sephora.com until November 21st.
* For my Model Bombers (From the good people over at Frenzy)…

Are you America’s Next Top Model material but just never went to the casting?
We’re looking for you!
Come to our model casting Wednesday November 7th.
You must be 21 years old or older with valid ID!!!!
You must bring swimwear or wear it underneath your clothing.
Ladies, bring shoes.
You must be available on December 19th 2007.
If you think you have what it takes come down to:
M1-5 Lounge.
Located on 52 Walker Street (take the A, C, N, R or Q train to Canal Street and walk to Walker Street)
Wednesday, Novemeber 7th, 2007.
Casting will begin at 4:30pm. Don’t be late! Show up prepared with your portfolio.
Please email th*********@ya***.com if interested.

2 thoughts on “Round Two: The Most Fashionable Fashion Bomber Contest”

  1. Oh that’s cool, you can see the results a second after voting. I went for Charle again, but it’s not looking good… I need that Sephora coupon too. Hopefully I can use it on the new Tom Ford scent.

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