Many F Bomb readers have become courageous bloggers as well.

Perhaps you love fashion, are more about beauty, or love to wax on about celebs!

Tell us about ’em!

Model Nikia has Model Liberation:

Nikia Model Liberation

Long time reader Chiriga started Search.Style.Snap:

Chriga Search Style Snap

And comment queen Christina has Purple Glamour:

Christina Purple Glamour

Leave us a comment and tell us why your blog is the next hottest thing on the web!

And if you’re curious about starting your own blog, check out the Fashion Bomb’s Guide to Blogging!

21 thoughts on “Roll Call! Rep Your Blog!!”

  1. I’m an aspiring journalist and I just like blogging about things I would read in a magazine and give people a chance to listen to new music, look at new fashion trends, and everything in between so check it out!

    — Jaida

    P.S. I’m looking to network with fellow bloggers so hit me up! :)

  2. I love your site! The Fashion Bomb is a major source of inspiration to me!

    Anyway my best friend and I are beauty-obsessed makeup artists and we’ve started a blog as an online outlet for our work and obsession. Also check us out on Twitter! @luxurycococure and @naturalbarbie!


  3. I’ve been a journalist/fashion-fiend for about 8 years now. I was struggling to get a staff-writer position at some of the bigger magazines, so I started “Cool Cruel World” about a little over a year ago. It’s a lifestyle blog, so I write a lot about fashion, entertainment, film, politics and culture. I have a nice little following, but of course I’m nowehere near where I want to be. Baby steps! *love ur site, Claire!*

  4. I was inspired by FashionBomb as well! I have a fashion blog giving career women advice on what to wear to work at I have three other blogs as well incorporated on the same site – one’s for legal gossip, the other’s for health and fitness tips, and the last provides entrepreneurial advice.

  5. Im a communications major and new to blogging,but have been reading and being inspired by blogs for a while now. so I decided to start my own. Its sort of a free for all. its my take on fashion, pop culture, and everything in between. I NEED FOLLOWERS.

  6. Thanks FB for taking the time out to allow us readers to shout out our blogs! A lot of blogs are so busy trying to promote themselves that they forget to give readers a chance to get involved!

    But, really my blog is called The Loudest Pen Ever, and is a blog about a woman with a pen so loud you can hear it through the page. It is heavily influenced by music, fashion, and pop culture. My fashion related post is called, At One Point This Was In Style, and every week I post a throwback style from the 80s and 90s. On this post, I feature both men’s and women’s fashion.

    Here’s my blog URL
    You can also find me on Twitter at @LoudPen.

  7. Hey Claire! I’ve been a devoted fan of The Fashion Bomb for over a year now. You keep me on point :)

    I’m a former journalist, but still passionate about the written word. I love anything pertaining beauty. My blog is a motley mix of (mostly) makeup, product reviews and celebrity beauty with a dash of “every-girl” fashion mixed in for variety.

    Check me out:

    P.S. I will be adding all you ladies to my blogroll … I hope you all will return the favor ;)

  8. My blog is Labels or Love Blog. I am a sophomore in college and I am an aspiring fashion journalist or stylist. My blog is hot because my blog is for the young people. I write about what they like and I expose to them to more things in the fashion, from things to Yves Saint Laurent to things from Forever 21.

  9. Thanks claire.
    my fashion blog is

    I’m an FIT student, accessories sales rep and an aspiring stylist.

  10. I have been reading your bombs for almost a year, it’s very entertaining. I love fashion and can’t get enough, so I blog about it at
    See you there, thx!

  11. Go Claire for this post!!! thanks for the manual too. right clicking and checking out every single blog now. and will add to blogroll.

    just started my own little blog. joining in! for now its the journey of a theatre student with a dream. a girl finding her way. who happens to be young gifted and black. and obsessed with everything from hair. to music. to beauty to fashion [thanks to fashionbomb] still finding my niche-but come by sometime. chase the dream with…

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