“The key to style is not following fashion trends. It is about making your style your own and being a leader. Find your style and stick to it.”–Jacqui Stafford

So my friend EJ and I found out about a Robin Thicke concert going on yesterday…

…and decided to make our way over to the Maritime hotel after work to see what was what.
As soon as I walked up to the *long* line, I noticed that it was packed with beautiful, fashionable brown people.
I couldn’t help but snap a few pics:

This brother/sister pair update the 80’s aesthetic in bomber jackets and hot t’s. Homegirls’ sunglasses and green beret are unique and stylish accents.

Straight from the office, these working girls look corporate yet cool with large, hold everything bags, spring ready dresses, and footless tights.

Cheese! These friends are casually chic in skinny jeans and flats.

The young lady on the left adds a personal touch to her classic trench with a cute ribbon belt.

Dude is preppy yet pimpin’ in a smart eggplant sweater, crisp white shirt, and multicolored tie.

Diva on the right shows that a fitted jacket in a bold color can make any outfit pop.

Funky, and fresh dressed, these fashionistas (and fashionisto) were indisputably fierce. They posed like supermodels and looked great doing so. Check out the bright colors, accessories, and gorgeous ‘do’s. Hot!

Warm weather signals unmitigated fabulosity in the city. Hems get shorter, colors brighter, and clothes bolder. And this is just the beginning.
Can’t wait!
PS Want a closer look at Michael Venker’s collection (from the Parson’s Fashion Show)? Check it out:

Click to enlarge
Thanks Paul!
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  1. Glad to see my black people out here fly! I’m loving the natural hair… it’s fierce!

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