One would think Paris Hilton wouldn’t become part of the crowd that rips off other people’s design, but I was proved wrong:


Her “Senorita” peep toe pump bears striking resemblance to Valentino’s Bow Peep-Toe pump.  Aside from the pink heel and difference in patent leather quality, there aren’t many obvious differences between the two.  But which would you rather get?  Valentino’s at $695, or Paris Hilton’s at $89?

3 thoughts on “Rip the Runway: Valentino vs Paris Hilton”

  1. This is funny. I watched “Obsessed” just last night and I swear these are shoes the Beyonce wears in a scene. Of course, hers were prolly Valentino’s. I can’t bring myself to even pay $89 right now. So damn cute, tho!

  2. That is a direct rip off of Valentinos design. Not cool at all. She should know better… besides what is she trying to do? Alienate the high fashion world? SMDH. The shoe itself is cute and the pink sole is HOT (no pun intended)- but the fact that it is practically identical to Valentinos design is a turn off and shows no design integrity.

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