With boots of all styles being such a trend this season, it would be soon before long when different designers would start seeking “inspiration” from each other.  Givenchy starts the race with its Lace-up Textured Leather boots while Topshop’s AVA Shiny Lace Up Hiker Boot comes in a close second.

Givenchy Top Shop Lace Up Boots

Although it’s almost identical to Givenchy’s (with the exception of its textured sole and buckle near the peep-toe) Topshop’s version is obviously cheaper at $190.  Though the Givenchy’s ring in at $995, there’s somethng that I appreciate more about them.  It may be the hidden platform that makes it look more chic and less “guerilla warfare.”

Which one’s your fave?


2 thoughts on “Rip The Runway: Givenchy vs Topshop”

  1. I saw these in the Oxford street, I like the distressed leather and the heel of the Givenchy’s but I love the gold hardwear on Topshops. Both v. cute though.

  2. gosh these are too hot!!..i want a pair
    broke as hell though…
    so i guess the topshop pair
    will do!!

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