Studded blazers seem to be all the rage since Balmain’s Spring 09 collection, but judging from their whopping price tags, it wouldn’t be too soon before the “inspiration” kicked in.  Enter Zara’s studded blazer.  Apart from the difference in texture with Balmain’s being leather and the difference in studs, they’re pretty similar.  But I must say that Zara did a pretty neat job, both with tailoring and pricing it heaps lower than its predecessor.  Too bad Zara doesn’t have an online store.  Money aside, which do you prefer?


3 thoughts on “Rip The Runway: Balmain vs. Zara”

  1. I searched high and low for a knock off Balmain jacket. I actually took my chances and ordered a man’s military jacket from a British website…..and I love it! My mother sews so I’m going to have her put some shoulder pads in it! You can’t tell the difference!

  2. Even if i could afford it i would never pay Balmain’s price, so the Zara would work best for me

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