It’s quite possible that Balmain has far exceeded any other designer who’s been mimicked this year…case in point, Aldo’s Mccannally against Balmain’s Buckle-embellished suede boot.  It’s easy to see who won first place when you consider Balmain’s clean construction and chic simplicity.  Aldo’s version looks a little…Bizarro-esque to me.  The misalignment of the buckles just makes my eyes teeter from hither to thither.  Obviously, the Balmain’s would hate on your wallet, ringing in at $1,605; Aldo’s at $140.  But would you go for the price tag, or would you spend a “few” more dollars for a better look?


15 thoughts on “Rip The Runway: Balmain vs Aldo”

  1. Blamain all the way, the lines are SOO much cleaner, aldo just looks sloppy, I would go with balmain or juat leave it alone

  2. I actually have a pair of bandage boots inspired by Balmain by Anne Michelle they were only 60 bucks and look way better than the Aldo version. So they get my vote.

  3. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who likes the Aldos better. Though the Balmains may be more high fashion with the cleaner lines, the Aldos are defnitely sexier and therefore easier for streetwear!

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