Rhinoplasty is the medical term that is used to describe a nose job. This is one of many cosmetic surgeries that are performed around the world at places such as the Vera Clinic in Istanbul. There are two types of nose jobs that can be performed at most clinics that perform cosmetic surgeries, namely the open and closed nose job.

The open nose job is used for more complex procedures and does require that an incision is made on the outside of the nose and through the tissue known as the columella. The closed nose job is done by the surgeon making incisions inside the nasal cavity. This may work for some people, while for others an open nose job may be needed. It depends on what is required as to which is suitable for a particular patient.

Most of the time we think of nose jobs as a way that people can improve their appearance; for instance, a person may want to have a smaller nose job or a different shape to the nose. However, nose jobs are frequently done in cases where people either have a traumatic injury, a deviated septum making breathing difficult, or a birth defect.

Nose jobs and cleft palates

Rhinoplasty is sometimes needed for people who are born with a cleft palate. Nasal problems associated with a cleft palate may require complex surgical correction. Cleft palates and cleft lips are surprisingly common birth defects having an occurrence of about one in every 1000 births in Europe and the United States. Some of the patients have a cleft lip nose which is unappealing and also can cause problems in how the nose functions. 

Patients often are also born with a deformed nasal septum, incorrect positions of the cartilage of the nose and a malformed tip to the nose.  A problem with malformed tissues of the nose is that not only does it impact the person’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth, but it impacts function as well. Besides the psychosocial issues, the person often suffers from more nose and sinus infections and inflamed tissues than the average person who does not have a problem.

Surgery on patients who have nose problems because of having a cleft palate or lip, almost always has to be an open nose job. This is because the operation is usually more complicated than you would find for a typical nose job done for cosmetic reasons.

Bone and cartilage may need to be cut, and in some case autologous grafts are needed for helping reconstruct cartilage in the nose. The autologous grafts use tissue from the person’s own body so that there is no issue with the immune system responding to foreign tissue.

Individuals who do not have cleft palate but who have suffered a traumatic injury to the nose such as from a car accident can also have surgery done on their nose to help fix the tissues. The other correction that may be needed is for people who have a deviated septum which makes breathing difficult.