Some people are so focused on the acquisition of stilettos, strappy sandals, kitten heels and other shoes that they forget all about the flats! There are some who even reduce themselves to just a single pair of flats in a sea of heels. This is a mistake. Flats are as varied as any other type of women’s shoe, from ballet flats in different styles and colours to more toned-down and modest flats in leather, and even the humble sneaker.

There are just so many reasons to keep your collection well-stocked with flats!

Reason 1: Better Support

The days of women being compelled to wear heels for “the right look” are gone. Men have long favoured comfort over anything else when looking at new shoes, so why shouldn’t women? Heels, wedges and other extreme features can really set off a shoe design and make it pop, especially when it’s paired with the right outfit, but they rarely if ever offer anything remotely beneficial in foot support.

The fact is that excessive wearing of high heels can lead to serious foot health problems. Flats should be a default that you turn to during the times where high fashion isn’t necessarily called for. If you wear heels more than a few times a week, then your feet need all the support and comfort they can get to recover. Flats should be your default go-to after heels, in that case.

Reason 2: Stability and Confidence

Not everyone is Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, running around Manhattan in heels seemingly without ever losing an iota of her balance. For the many who don’t feel so stable or secure when wearing heels, especially stiletto and platform heels, flats offer the best chance of confidence and grace when walking. Just being able to walk down the street safe in the knowledge that you won’t lose your balance is a huge boost, and what’s more flats are more beautiful than ever (see below).

Reason 3: Flats are NOT Less Attractive

The somewhat odd thing is the way that in the world of shoe fashion, the term “flats” has for many become synonymous with shoes that lack chic appeal or fashion status. This is completely false! You don’t have to venture into high heels to find a pair of shoes that are both stylish and statement-worthy.

Reason 4: Flats are Better for Working

With more women than ever active in the workforce, the appeal of flats is growing. There may have been a time when workplaces could require women to wear heels, but no more. As women’s choices become more open and we less and less expect heels as a default setting, people are naturally turning to flats as the comfortable and supportive options to wear for the long work day.

Reason 5: Easier Packing

If you’re a keen traveller, or you have to travel for business a lot, then flats are your friend compared to heels. Anyone who has tried to pack heels into limited-size luggage for a short weekend trip knows that flats are far better, easier to stow in small luggage, and leave room for other essentials. Even if you pack them in a separate container to keep dirt off your clothes, flats fit into smaller, more compact rectangular packaging where heels do not.

Reason 6: Flats Are Often More Sustainable

Where heels and other glamorous shoes are made with leather and high-end plastics that have quite an impact on the environment, many modern flats are made from more eco-friendly materials, including repurposed plastic water bottles, in some cases. As things currently stand, flats are a better bet for environmentally friendly footwear compared to heels.