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So I was on the train the other day, and noticed this lovely young dreaded lady…


…I thought she had a very chic look, so I had to snap a picture. I liked how she mixed casual fall accessories–a newsboy cap, bright scarf, boots, and blazer–with a hot Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag.
Smart Style, care of the 3 train.
Fashion News and What Nots

*Check out Guy Trebay’s latest article on the lack of ethnic models in fashion. An excerpt, “Although black women in the United States spend more than $20 billion on apparel each year, according to estimates by TargetMarketNews.com, it was hard to discern an awareness of this fact on the part of designers showing in New York, where black faces were more absent from runways than they have been in years…”

* FINALLY, the website www.jezebel.com talks about the role that magazine editors have in this whole shebang. An excerpt, “You know what would be really political? If women’s magazine editors debated the diversity of black beauty not just in the conference rooms of white-shoe law firms but in their pages.” I asked a prominent black editor about the lack of blacks in editorial roles at the last talk and she dismissed me as being ‘off topic.’ Really?
Look at this:
Black Models In Fashion Editorial, October 2007:
Marie Claire: 1, starring solo in a 6-page fashion editorial
W: 1, appearing on 1 page of a 20-page fashion editorial
Vogue: 0
Harper’s Bazaar: 0
Glamour: 0
Cosmopolitan: 0
Allure: 0
Lucky: 0
Elle: 0
I subscribe to…a lot of those…

*Whoa, whoa, did you hear about this?!? Apparently a Glamour staffer said that Afro’s and Dreadlocks were office ‘no-no’s’. “The Glamour staffer allegedly told the room that she thought it was ‘shocking’ that people still think it’s ‘appropriate’ to wear those hairstyles at the office.’ Woooow. Thankfully, Glamour’s EIC, Cindi Lieve, has responded. The response is great, but makes me wonder about these mag editors…

* I know you’re going to the talk on Blacks in Fashion tonight at 7pm! Haven’t purchased your $15 ticket? Click here. See ya there…and if not you know I’ll give you the blow by blow tomorrow:) Update: It’s sold out

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  1. HEY, I read about the women who made those comments a couple months ago. She is still at the mag. I really love that mag but their view of whats right and wrong for afro american women is totally out of whack

  2. That is a pretty disturbing comment made by one of the staffer. The only magazine that I subscribe to now is Vogue, as I don’t have much time anymore. And now that the topic is brought up, I don’t think I recall the magazine having put an ethnic model on its cover for years.

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