Morning Bombshells!

Yesterday the lovely folks over at Rocawear invited me to their Style Suite, a gathering to look at the brand’s relaunched fall line.

In between glimpsing Rocawear’s re-imagined jeans, tees, and button downs, I captured a few stylish peeps with photographer Rog Walker. You ready?

I first said hey to Gabriel of Stuff Fly People Like and Mecca from Pynk Mag. Mecca was representing fiercely with a gorgeous afro, acid washed jeans, and cute leopard print wedges. Gabe kicked back in a t-shirt and jeans.

Melissa was serving up sass in an Esprit dress and shoes from Mandee. She asked why I wanted to take her picture, and I had to admit I loved her hair, glasses, and bold accessories. Fierce!

I said hey to my new friend Bobby Roaché. If he looks familiar, it’s because he played the guy Beyonce got another one” of in her video for “Irreplaceable.” Isn’t he cute? See him in action here and check out his modeling portfolio here.

Model and actor Kalon and Adam were also on hand to sample the new gear.

And no post would be complete without the Rocawear ladies themselves! Carmegie and Aleesha looked super chic in their readers. Aleesha was working vintage Rocawear and bangles; Carmegie flaunted a Max Azria white dress and *sick* neon sandals.

It was fun!

If you’re wondering about what I wore, I took a few pix for a Style Diary. Stay tuned for the breakdown!

Guys, keep your eyes peeled for hotness from Rocawear at Or just stay tuned to the Bomb:)

Photos by Rog Walker

18 thoughts on “Real Style: The Rocawear Style Suite”

  1. Wow! Looks like FUN Bobby Rochet looks like a mix between Tyson Beckford & Tyrese!!!

  2. That Bobby is all kinds of fine!!! He’s from DC and is also a very talented artist. I believe his work is in the white house.

  3. serious question, do people still wear rocawear?
    i know down here its always on the sale racks in department stores. you can get a rocawear shirt for a guy for less than $15.

  4. I read an article just yesterday that JayZ was reviving the brand and doesn’t consider it an urban brand or something. Any way I guess we’ll see what happens.

  5. oooow child….that Bobby is some kinda fine…I knew instantly who he was from the irreplaceable video…yummy!

  6. @addikted2fashion based on these pics, they are seriously revamping the brand, and I’m glad Jay-Z isn’t allowing the change in fashion/society to close the brand. If he’s elevating it to grown, classic, and sexy, I’m all for it!

  7. @GiGi Young ….it definitely needs to be revamped because whatever he’s been doing isnt working anymore. I dont even recall seeing him wearing Rocawear recently! lol

  8. can’t say i would be caught dead wearing anything rocawear nowadays, but the party looked very sophisticated. i love all the big and bold fro’s.

  9. I was working this event with FLuD watches on Monday and Tuesday many stylish guests then as well. Sad I missed you, I love your blog!

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