So this Memorial Day Weekend saw yet another No Basics Brunch, hosted by Ty Hunter, Legendary Damon, and Yours Truly!
Of course Karl Pierre was on hand to capture the fashion.
Take a look:

It was all about crop tops for these friends, who showed off their tummies in abbreviated shirts and matching skirts.
South African designer David Tlale blessed the occasion in black layers and swoonworthy shades.
Aren’t the Clermont Twins @ClermontTwins absolutely adorable? Apparently they’ll be on the next season of Bad Girls Club so keep an eye out for them on Oxygen.


Designer Larissa Muehleder repped for her brand in Muehleder separates and gray over the knee boots.
Linda from the brand Midget Giraffe showed off her brand’s wares in Ankara printed pants and a crop top. I love this line and need everything from it!
Her co-designer, Corey, showed how to rock the pants for men, pairing them with a button down and a blazer.
And lastly, my little sister Dee Dee looked cute in a “You Can’t Brunch with Us” Tank I’m going to steal from her when she’s not looking…!
And as for the hosts…
0 The No Basics Brunch at Corner Social Hosted by Legendary Damon, Ty Hunter, and Claire Sulmers

While we sidled up to Versace for the first one, this time, we went for Moschino (Damon’s choice!). I don’t have a ton of Moschino in my closet, so focused on accessories, uplifting a Current Elliott Mechanic Jacket worn as a shirt and a Blk Denim leather mini with a Moschino logo belt and Moschino knuckle rings.
claire sulmers moschino belt moschino knuckle rings no basics brunch corner social fashion bomb daily legendary damon ty hunter
My Brian Atwood studded sandals brought the black and gold accents together.
claire sulmer sno basics brunch
It was a fun time!
no basics brunch fashion bomb daily ty hunter claire sulmers legendary damon

claire sulmers brucling brothers no basics brunch corner social
claire sulmers no basics brunch
We’re thinking the next one might be in LA during BET Awards weekend. I haven’t started planning for that at all, BUT. We shall see;)
What do you think of the #NoBasicsBrunch fashion?
Images: Karl Pierre

11 thoughts on “Real Style: The No Basics Brunch at Corner Social Hosted by Legendary Damon, Ty Hunter, and Claire Sulmers”

  1. How did ya come up with that title though?? Cause what I see on people is pretty basic…

  2. Don’t get this no basic theme, it looks as to me like the three hosts are the ones with name brand clothes and everyone else is basic…

  3. I don’t know about these other commenters, but all I see are beautiful, happy folks up there. They’re all fabulous!

  4. Hmmmm… Usually I want to be all of the places that Claire is (when I see her pictures), but not this time. I’m not sure about these brunches. I wasn’t too stoked looking at the first brunch pictures and I feel even more lack-luster this time around. Maybe it’s one of those things that you have to be there in order to appreciate. There is some type of key element of unification of both theme and purpose that is missing from these gatherings…

  5. I would lpve to host a #nobasicsbrunch in my town! Who doesn’t love brunch?? Everyone looks good, it’s brunch no need to try too hard

  6. Claire with all due respect aren’t you a bit long in the tooth to be so materialistic? I get that you are a fashion stylist blogger etc but you have that damn Moschino belt on rotate.

  7. @Choco Long in the tooth? What does that mean?
    Are you guys insulting me again? Shocking!

  8. I see the commentators can’t read so let me help (@Choco I am looking at you)

    – Claire is wearing her (in rotation) Moschino belt because her and the other co-host like to match designers when the hold the brunch. I am sure there is no item you wear all the time…
    – Y’all are taking the title of the brunch too literally…

    I like these looks much better than the previous #nobasicsbrunch

    My fave looks were the Midget Giraffe designers and ms. muehleder

  9. Very basic..not sure why anyone would go to this. Also is the food even good at this spot?! Ive heard that its pretty bad.

  10. The hate is real? I think honestly think everybody looked fine. It’s brunch for crying out loud. Do people expect you to put on fancy garbs to go eat brunch? You can tell the individuals who have never been to a brunch in their life. Claire keep up the good work!

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