So I’m working towards adding a ‘real style’ element to this blog…meaning snapping pix of fashionable ladies around NYC (of which there are many) so that everyone can see how Jennies from the block et al are wearing their clothes everyday.

I’ve been too much of a chicken to ask a random woman on the subway or the street for a pic (you never know in NY…people can be cold to put it nicely), so I decided to start slow and with what I know: my cushy, warm, friendly friends and coworkers.

So one of my very fabulous coworkers was wearing an innovative outfit yesterday:


Basically she took a Trina Turk knit ballerina top that she wore over the summer, and made it into a vest for the fall by popping it over a button down shirt. Cute, huh?

Turns out my coworker (let’s call her fashionable lady une) hails from Palm Beach, Florida, and has found many ways to help her summer wardrobe transition right on over to autumn.

She says, “…Now that I’m a tried and true NYC girl I’ve had to learn to adapt all those great Palm Beach staples (tanks, tunics, sundresses) to the cold weather! …”Summer” clothes get layered with their more fall-ish friends! ie: I’ll still wear a dress or skirt from my spring wardrobe, but layer it over knit tights with boots and a chunky sweater belted at the waist :) also, as for all those skinny capris, they can still stay in the rotation if you tuck them into high boots!”

Capris tucked into boots is a great idea.

Tank Tops can punch up an otherwise boring outfit and t-shirts are great layering pieces under sweaters. I’ve also seen a few women around el cite wearing opaque tights with sandals…not too sure how I feel about that, but it’s an idea:)
Do y’all have ways that you use summer clothes in the winter? Let me know!



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