Hey Guys!
So, you went, you saw…did you love???
Apparently a lot of you were super juiced about the flick. Tanasia writes, “I thought it would be cool to show you how “Carried Away” fans got for Sex and the City….”


…Attached is a flick of me on opening night of the movie.  Xoxo.
You look amazing! Lovin the white vest pantsuit, heels, and sequined bag!
So what do you think: Did Tanasia get carried away?

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*New York Magazine’s David Edelstein had a good review of the movie, but brought up an interesting point (that I didn’t quite realize while watching).  He says, “Sex and the City’s nod to the nonwhite is scary. Jennifer Hudson plays Carrie’s personal assistant, and Oh my God, it’s Hattie McDaniel for the new millennium…
… Instead of cleaning Carrie’s house, she cleans up her computer files (although she does help declutter the apartment, too). She admires her mistress in those beautiful outfits. And check out that smile when you give her a Louis Vuitton handbag! Please, Sex and the City, do not pretend you exist in the real multiracial world. White will always be your new black.” Meow!!! While I was watching, I didn’t really have a problem with JHud’s character (save the marbles in her mouth accent). But what did y’all think? Were you happy with the ‘sister’ representation???
*In other sad fashion news, legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent passed away this Sunday
From the first YSL tuxedo and his trim pantsuits to see-through blouses, safari jackets and glamorous gowns, Saint Laurent created instant classics that remain stylish decades later.” [AP]

26 thoughts on “Real Style: Sex and the City”

  1. Hi Claire,

    Personally I feel that JHuds wardrobe and make up were HORRIBLE!

    What did you think?

  2. Her weave was absolutely horrible!! And I hated that scene where she was trying on a dress and they had a six year old girl with a weave down her back. Just…I had no words

  3. Its like they didn’t make any effort to make her look special or fashionable.

  4. I agree with Anonymous 11.15a. It’s like Patricia Field just sent her to Sears with $200 and a product placement deal with Bag, Borrow, or Steal. Against the backdrop of all the other sartorial wondrousness, Poor St.Louise faded into the background. No pretty dresses, no edgy coats or tops for poor Louise. Just those damned bags. *sigh* I was so looking forward to some non-skinny fashion, too. Oh well.

  5. this is funny because I paid no attention to her until my friend was like what the hell is up with JHUD look then it dawned on me THE BLACK GIRL FROM ST LOUIS=A HOT ASS MESS what is the world coming to must we be misrepresented all the time? I mean bad enough they exclude us from everything but when they do find it in their heart(or lack there of) to include us they represent who we are totally not…oh well I guess until we define who we are others will continue to do it for us….

  6. i wasn’t feelin her character at all, but SJP said so herself, they chose her because “African-American women and women of color have been a big part of our audience for a long time (and) we really haven’t been responsible to them.”

    And that’s how it came off – throw in the token black because we haven’t been “responsible.” It just didn’t seem like an organic and sincere character.

    in terms of the representation, i wouldn’t go as far as comparing her to macdaniel, but this role definitely calls into question her acting chops. She totally got lucky with Dreamgirls

  7. The representation of African Americans throughout the whole SATC series was very limited, so we can’t all of sudden have a problem with it when the movie premieres. I’m not making “lite” of the issue (indeed there is one) but, I love the fashion and the dialogue nothing more nothing less. Yes, I made a mental note to myself during the movie that, “with someone as fab as Carrie doing the hiring, why would she hire someone so………homely?” This could have ben a time to shine, but once again we were failed by Hollywood and her performance was…cute to say the least, but Patricia could have done so much better with character and her choice of attire for Ms. Hudson….did we forget, that this woman is an ACADEMY AWARD WINNER?

  8. ….And why the hell did she have to be named LOUISE….I think that was a very good Hattie McDaniel comparison!

  9. Wow David brings up an interesting point. Why the sista got to be the help?

  10. I thought this when they cast her–she had just won a friggin’ Oscar (acting-talented or not) and she was going to play the white woman’s assistant? She couldn’t have been a colleague or anything else equal to the lead, despite her age? Though I enjoyed the overall mindlessness of the movie, I cringed as this helpless, self-absorbed white woman leaned on the overly efficient black woman to pull her life together, so though I hadn’t made that particular connection I think Edelstein was on point. A bone, indeed, but I didn’t expect more. You can’t go to Hollywood movies expecting to come out feeling good about the token black folks. That’s just not realistic, unfortunately.

    But lord, that child can’t act. She’s beautiful, curly wigs and all, but she really can’t act.

  11. no she can’t act.

    Mr. Saint Laurent will be missed. he was a giant in fashion.

    He was the first couture designer to feature Black models on his runway and in advertising.

  12. YSL was one of the greats, he will be missed.
    I personally thought they could’ve done ‘better by’ Jennifer Hudson. The film is all about fantasy. The journalist who can afford Manolo Blahnik’s, Christian Dior Dresses, and Chanel bags. So why on earth did they feel the need to ‘keep it real’ with the assistant? They could’ve pushed the envelope with her and really draped some labels on her. Miranda was wearing a Chanel scarf….when, in the series, was she ever so fashionable and label conscious as to wear a Chanel scarf for a walk in the park??
    Basically, they did a disservice to Jhud. Maybe ALT should’ve put his LV case down and taken some pain to really style her.

  13. J-hud was just an updated version of the “Mamie” character.

    hated it. Her role was virtually pointless

  14. im so glad someone else noticed that jennifer hudson was like a maid and the way they dressed her was really bad

  15. You know, I didn’t see that either. As I’ve always looked at it, people are people and you are who you are. I was not a big fan of the show although I did watch the last season and was very disappointed with the finale. I really thought it could of ended so much better and with a big bang. However, I’m looking outside the box here and just so damn proud of Jennifer and what she is accomplishing. Minus the outfit she wore to the NY premier, I absolutely adore her. As for the movie, I did not see it. I’m more of an Indiana Jones fan…. ;-)

  16. Eh, I am not surprised by this at all. Was never a SATC fan while it was (is) on TV because of the lack of diversity. I just can’t relate to a bunch of middle aged white women. So I am not surprised of the lack of diversity in the film, or the poor portrayal of the limited diversity they did have. Not going to see the movie.

  17. anon 7:17-her makeup was hideous, girl! They could have did alot better with her wardrobe.

    I think her acting was good for what it was. She just her assistant, not an editor at Vogue or something. I look at my darling J-Hud like this:she has already hit the pinacle of a actor’s career with Oscar in hand from her first movie. But she can’t sit back and revel in that for rest her life. She gots to work!

    And hell, if my boss gave me a Louis vuitton bag after I gave her a dvd I would be screaming too!!!

  18. didn’t like the role they gave her either..like someone else mentioned they gave her a modern mammy update…

    shame on them but should we be really surprised..

  19. grrr. I did not like that at all. I can’t believe the way they dressed her!!!! Terrible. and Those bags were plain fugly, I don’t care if they were LV.

  20. i have to admit i was thinking ” oh great its mammie” when jhud’s character came along…then i said to myself “you are just overly senitive” but im glad now that my first instinct about the movie was right and ok.

  21. I absolutely hated JHud in that movie and did my own little rant about her new age Mammie-ness on my own blog after I saw it. She was horrible. Her wardrobe was blah, even for an out of towner. How does one go from Oscar to SJP’s assistant?!

  22. That’s exactly why I never got into this show. No diversity! What’s the point? African-American early-twenties virgin? Four middle-aged slightly trampy white women?

  23. Well. The Hattie McDaniel comparative is a stretch. Clearly. Carrie interviewed a number of chicks and a gay dude, Louise from St. Louie was her pick. To suggest that Hudson is a 21st. century and technological representation of a Mammy character is just stupid and even more insulting.

    Yes, Patricia Fields could have turned up the dial on Louise’s style choices. But ya’ll know how white Hollywood panic when it comes to full figured women! Essence magazine did a interesting article on the subject of Hudson’s casting. Check out at essence.com.

    But I’ll have to agree with Celethia. The Black representation went as far as mere cameos, extras and Blair Underwood’s interracial fling with Miranda throughout the entire 6 seasons, why are we tripping now? When are we going to stop asking white America for hand-outs? A better use of this critical race analysis energy would be to discuss why Girlfriends got the slammer in the middle of the season without a proper Finale! Let’s stop expecting white people to make room at their dinner tables, round up the table setting over yonder!!!

  24. Black women never had a voice in Sex and the City. It was about 4 white women and obviously in their world, the only black women they come into contact with are only good enough to be their personal assistant. It’s a shame because the show has a lot to do with fashion and black women are all over the fashion industry in one respect or other. You mean to tell me out of all the designers, they couldn’t have had Carrie in a Tracy Reese outfit? As far as Jennifer Hudson, she looked awful, she sounded awful, she was the perfect “Hattie”. She comes across that way in real life as well. She definitely does not represent black women and especially not fashionable black women. She was awful!

  25. a black girl, why would you assume the critics of this character and/or show are whining for a seat at anyone’s table? A black actress was cast in a high-profile role (nobody begged for it), so it is open for discussion, especially given that more people probably saw that performance this weekend than watched all the seasons of Girlfriends combined. And do you really think Girlfriends was a black person’s show just because it was filled with black actors? Kelsey Grammar produced it. Last time I checked, he wasn’t black.

  26. She was Effie in the 21st century to me…her weave was not up to par, and of all the Richard Prince creations for LV, THAT is the one she gets?? JESUS!

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