Hey Guys!
So, you went, you saw…did you love???
Apparently a lot of you were super juiced about the flick. Tanasia writes, “I thought it would be cool to show you how “Carried Away” fans got for Sex and the City….”


…Attached is a flick of me on opening night of the movie.  Xoxo.
You look amazing! Lovin the white vest pantsuit, heels, and sequined bag!
So what do you think: Did Tanasia get carried away?

Fashion, News, and What Nots

*New York Magazine’s David Edelstein had a good review of the movie, but brought up an interesting point (that I didn’t quite realize while watching).  He says, “Sex and the City’s nod to the nonwhite is scary. Jennifer Hudson plays Carrie’s personal assistant, and Oh my God, it’s Hattie McDaniel for the new millennium…
… Instead of cleaning Carrie’s house, she cleans up her computer files (although she does help declutter the apartment, too). She admires her mistress in those beautiful outfits. And check out that smile when you give her a Louis Vuitton handbag! Please, Sex and the City, do not pretend you exist in the real multiracial world. White will always be your new black.” Meow!!! While I was watching, I didn’t really have a problem with JHud’s character (save the marbles in her mouth accent). But what did y’all think? Were you happy with the ‘sister’ representation???
*In other sad fashion news, legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent passed away this Sunday
From the first YSL tuxedo and his trim pantsuits to see-through blouses, safari jackets and glamorous gowns, Saint Laurent created instant classics that remain stylish decades later.” [AP]