Hi Guys,
So I was walking around Brooklyn a few weekends ago (as per usual), and ran into Michelle and Nene, owners of Seasoned to Perfection, a traveling sale that provides fashion inclined women with sophisticated, one-of-a-kind vintage wear at an affordable price.
Being consummate fashionistas, of course they looked fab, and I had to snap a pic…


I liked how Michelle accented her blue and pink bordered dress with a belt, and adored Nene’s cute printed strapless dress and bold hairstyle. And peep her hot Marc Jacobs bag!! I covet!!!!
Seasoned to Perfection hosts sales several times a month at convenient locations throughout el cite. Lots of very cute vintage wear, hand picked with a discerning eye.
Stay tuned to TFB for deets on their next event!
PS A few people of color made the cut for Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List, including:
Liya Kebede…

Damon Dash and Rachel Roy…

Michelle Obama…

Tiki Barber…

Lenny Kravitz…

And more! To see the spread, pick up their September issue…

…on newsstands tres soon I’m sure.

11 thoughts on “Real Style: Seasoned to Perfection”

  1. Lovely! It’s always great to see fashion on the street and on real people, not just magazine shoots and runway footage. Thanks!

  2. i love her purse…i also love your blog please visit finditt.com ‘s fashion blogs’s …i visit those two blogs everyday ..and i think you guys should two…finditt.com and click on blogs and have fun…

  3. I bought the dress on the left at a thrift store about 4 weeks ago here in FL, and the tag on the inside says it’s from Forever 21.

  4. this is why i love this blog! the real world styles.

    I generally am *totally* over the whole belt look, but they look cute!

  5. i love real style and this blog so my comments are not negative toward the blog BUT-
    those ladies look like they are really trying (as stated above). They could have done without the belts. I like the red dress. The blue one is ok.

    So good to see a nice array of brown skinned folks in the vanity issue. i like rachel roy and damon dash as a best dressed couple.

  6. (I got drafted into this)..You’ve been tagged! Take a look at my blog to see what it’s all about, thanks!

  7. Yay for Vanity Fair supporting (or highlighting) the Obamas! They are the most adorable couple!

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