So the holiday was soooo relaxing, but somehow it didn’t seem long enough!
Anyway ever since the most Fashionable Fashion Bomber contest, I’ve been getting some great submissions from loyal readers who want to showcase their style. Today, I present Alexis…


….a law student at Syracuse University.
She says ” Most that know me call me Miss. Bre. Kinda like Beyonce’s alter ego Sasha, my fashion abilities have shown through my alter ego Miss. Bre…”
“.. I describe Miss Bre as fly, young, and flashy when it comes to fashion–wearing what I feel is hot at the moment but yet putting my own little quirks and twist to it. Right now I’m really into Indian inspired fashion because of a recent trip I took there…”
“….I love that everything over there is embellished with massive stones and bling. I definitely don’t consider myself a fashion guru who knows the do’s and don’ts, but I do consider myself a person who has appropriated a style that fits my personality and most importantly me…”
So what do you think? Does Ms. Bre have great style?

Fashion, News, and What Nots

*I was indulging in my favorite Sunday treat, the New York Times Style Section, when what should I stumble upon, but a feature article on Fashion Bomb Friend….
….Andre J! Someone told me to stop posting pix of him, but I just can’t resist!
The article, by Guy Trebay, was on Andre’s fortuitous ascent to the French Vogue cover. A great quote from Andre J, “Anything you love you can sell, honey, and I sold it. Andre J. is a part of history.” Preach! Catch the rest of the article here.
* Nina Garcia (of Project Runway and Elle fame) will be having a reading and signing for her book, “The Little Black Book of Style”…
tonight at 7pm at the Barnes and Noble at 6th and 22nd in Chelsea. I’m torn between going or taking this hot class at my gym (must work off those turkey calories)…but then again, how could I pass up the chance to meet the Fashion Director of the great Elle Magazine?!?! Ok, I might see y’all there…
*Roll out (if you can) to this panel discussion tomorrow:
Click to Enlarge
It’s from 3-5 at Conde Nast. Don’t ask me why they’re having this epic panel discussion in the middle of a workday! Do they want people to come???
Anyway, I’m sure you all heard about the whole Glamour ‘debacle’. If not, read this great article.
This panel should be a good, frank discussion on perceptions of race and beauty (and why one Glamour staffer said dreads and Afro’s were an office ‘don’t). It’s a huge chunk of time, but I must go. Definitely see you there!
*What’d you get on Black Friday??? My favorite splurge was this pair of Miss Sixty Boots (love them!)

…and my favorite ‘save’ (if you can call it that) was this pair of shiny leggings from American Apparel
..for $40.
Yes, I bought the shiny leggings. Though Rihanna rocked them well…
… I’m still kinda having questions as to how I should wear them. I’m thinking just a long sweater and pumps will do…