A few weeks ago, I went to a Sonia Rykiel exhibit and happened upon this fly diva on my way out:


From her winter white coat to Balenciaga bag and brown riding boots, she emanated chic.
After introducing myself in French, she stopped me and replied, “I’m from New York.” Figures! She’s actually the owner of a handbag, accessory and jewelery line called Kipepeo. Check out a few of her offerings at www.kipepeo74.com, and if you’re in NYC, visit her boutique at 250 Elizabeth Street.

5 thoughts on “Real Style: Paris”

  1. Oh my.. “Kipepeo” is Kiswahili for butterfly. Does she have East African origins? I am Kenyan so I am curious. I will be going to check her out..

    Great spotlight.

  2. I love her hair! I’ve always wanted hair like that…lol. Her outfit is fly as well.

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