Happy Monday!
So one of my coworkers always throws these great mixers…


They’re great opportunities to meet professionals in the industry and network, network, network.
Beautiful people are typically in attendance, so I took my handy dandy Canon with me to capture a bit of Real Style:
I stopped this young lady first…
…who revealed that she’s already a Fashion Bomber! Yay! She was blog bound in a cute, exotic print blouse, dark skinny jeans, and boots, all topped off with a Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy.
This fashionista…
…looked cool in this teal silk tunic accented with a metallic belt and brown accessories.
These three stunners…

…were super stylish in a mixture of high waisted pencil skirts, metallic and patent accessories, sharp jackets, and bold colors.
And this last duo…
…captured my heart with their berets! Oh yeah, and everything from their colored boots to skinny jeans and unique sweaters were cute as well. Homegirl on the right just started a blog of her own called the Next Fashionista. Check it out!
So what do you think: do New York Mixer Goers have Real Style?

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*Yay! I was quoted this Sunday in the New York Post!
But Boo! The site name, once again, is alllll kinds of wrong.
Check me out here.
Any publicity is good publicity, right?

5 thoughts on “Real Style: Media Mixer”

  1. OH WOW!! I went to the party. I didnt know that I was u. I think I was standing behind you when u took that picture the three ladies.. They were fab!!!!!

  2. I love your blog! The first pic you took is actually my girl Nicki – we went to high school and college together and yes, she’s definitely got style! Keep up the good work.

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