So it was an unseasonably warm day yesterday, and I decided…what better way to spend it than at Habana Outpost?


…My buddies and I agreed that beautiful, sunny days would be in short supply, and we had to make the most out of it. Besides, it might’ve been the last Sunday we could sit outside with a frozen Mojito in hand.
I was looking around for fashionista’s, and as usual Habana didn’t disappoint. This young lady caught my eye…

…because of her pairing of a dressy element (skirt) with a very casual one (gray t-shirt). I asked her what inspired her outfit, and she said she loved to mix prints with solids. She also revealed that she had recently cut her hair (yay naturals!), and had taken to wearing scarves and hats in the interim. Cute!
What do you think of my last Real Style from Habana?
PS Just for fun…this song is changing my life right now:

Let’s go on a living spree!

4 thoughts on “Real Style: Habana Outpost”

  1. “WELCOME TO THE GOOD LIFE!!!”, that’s what’s up, Claire!! Thanx for the inspiration….

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