So last week, I was on my way to the Billion Dollar Babes sample sale (where I spent way too much money!), and stopped in my tracks when I saw this young lady…


….she was Fashion Bomb bound! Her look is the epitome of ‘style’ to me. I dug her unique haircut, warm one-of-a-kind jacket, and the artful way she matched her long top to her Nike low tops. After chatting, I found that she’s a student at FIT. Perhaps a future designer? Let’s hope she keeps in touch!
In other news…
I didn’t catch the American Music Awards last night, but just had a chance to look at a few red carpet pics. The verdict: Disappointing!
Alicia Keys looked glamorous in this black seqined number…
But from the champagne colored frothy princess frocks….

….to ill fitting clothes for men….
…and for women….
…and scratch your head 80’s throwback fits…
…I was underwhelmed. Very, very much so. I can feel Mary with the embellished trend, but I think perhaps this dress took it too far (multicolored sequins in swirling patterns?). And Rihanna? We’ve all seen her do much better. It seems maybe she didn’t have time to get her dress properly fit? Or was that the look she was going for…?
PS Andre J’s party last Friday was so much fun! A few pictures:
They had an amazing fashion show, a show stopping dance performance, and Beyonce was poppin all night!. I took a few videos…Check ’em out at The Fashion Bomb Group on Facebook.com. Not in the Fashion Bomb group? What are you waiting for?!?!

3 thoughts on “Real Style: FIT Student + American Music Awards”

  1. I wasn’t feeling the “architecture” of Ri’s outfit either. I loved Sol’s Stella McCartney’s, but hated the hair. Her look over all was “just ok”. Didn’t Ashanti wear a similar dress in a different color earlier this year.

  2. that bearded dude is absolutely terrifying! claire, you HAVE to stop posting pics of him, i have really bad nerves! lol

  3. Thank u!! I said on my blog that a lot of people could do better. I was so tired of reading on the other blogs today how everyone was fierce. Im sorry that dress Beyonce had on was a copy cat of Rihanna’s MTV VMA awards. Just a hot mess! Solange looked like she had on a beige trash bag. Bless u girl!

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