So my interns have been keeping busy this summer, helping solve Mail Bombs and also catching Real Style in their respective hometowns.
Checking in today is Charle, who brings us a bit of style from her neck of the woods.
So while traipsing around Wicker Park, Chicago’s most fashion conscious neighborhood, I stumbled upon this handsome writer named Chad:


What amazing color mastery! Pairing that lavender American Apparel shirt with a vintage blue polka dart scarf is genius! He studied Fiction Writing at Chicago’s Columbia College, but I couldn’t believe he’d never taken a fashion class. Great job accomplishing a very quirky ensemble with masculine basics, sir.
Would you let your boyfriend wear this?

Hmmm, I think I’d be ok with it!
Would you?

One thought on “Real Style: Chicago”

  1. honestly, i think he looks pretty amazing- his look is cool, sophisticated, and intellectual. if i had a boo, i’d want him to be cool enough to dress like this. also, i’m jealous that it was cool enough there to wear multiple layers.
    *sweating it out in memphis*

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