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So it’s official. Chatelet les Halles is the place in Paris to find urban street style. Because the area is peppered with shops, restaurants, and museums, of course it attracts tons of fabulous people during the weekend. It also doesn’t hurt that Chatelet is by a huge train hub, bringing in people from the typically uber diverse suburbs smack to the city center!

I was shopping in the Marais today and decided to try out my new Iphone’s Map App to meet a few friends at Grands Boulevards. My journey took me through Chatelet, and I happened upon this nice young fella:

Streety-Style-Paris-UrbanHe was super excited to be snapped by an “American” fashion blog!

I liked his perfectly coordinated outfit, and appreciated how he matched his turquoise hat and purple down jacket to his purple and turquoise shoes. He’s also working a few trends hot in the streets here Paris…the BAPE Baby Milo tees are on fire, and guys are still loving the readers and neck scarves. Oh, and note, both guys and girls are totally cool wearing white pants post Labor Day.

What do you think of his look?


To get to Chatelet, take the RER A, B, D or Metro lines 1, 4, 7, and 11.

13 thoughts on “Real Style : Chatelet Les Halles”

  1. Eep! I guess he was very excited to be featured on the blog! I tried to temper the shot a bit so you can focus on his style;)

  2. I’m glad you addressed the pants issue and not skate around it. I 2 was distracted by it, LOL. But I like his look. He looks like he could b from the States in that get up. The Lady in the backgrouns of the first pic has on an interesting looking red hodded jacket.

  3. This dude looks absolutely terrible. There’s no such thing as half pulling off looks. True urban street style is about making something out of nothing, and not necessarily about wearing Bape advertisements, or any other advertisements for that matter. Authentic urban street style has been influential to the degree that designers feel the need to manufacture and mass market it. This dude looks like he is still finding his way. Just as he was when he got off the metro.

  4. c’est horrible!! c’est DADDY YANKEE???
    mon dieu, ou est le gout en porter les vetements!!!
    pas bien ensembles
    pas chic
    pas fashion
    il semble un petit garcon qui aime le reggaeton!!!! vamos papi!!!!

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