So this weekend I was hangin’ tough as per usual in BK, and happened across an event sponsored by Fashion Bomb friend Harriet’s Alter Ego…


Every month they have a ‘Block Party’ featuring independent designers, and anyone interested is invited to come eat, shop, mingle, and listen to music.
I had to take a picture of this lovely young attendee…
…who was wearing a cute shirtdress along with a fedora, straw bag and bejeweled flat sandals.
When asked about her outfit, she admitted that she had stayed the night with her boo, and decided to pop on one of his shirts, belt it, and go.
Quite creative, no?
What do you think of this edition of BK Real Style?

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The store White House/Black Market quickly sold out of the $148 Donna Ricco dress….
…she wore at her ‘The View’ Appearance.

8 thoughts on “Real Style: Brooklyn”

  1. Love the Shirtdress…
    screams Cr8v Fashionista to me… Grab any item, add some accessories and make it work!

  2. 1 – I’m interested in seeing how her BF wears this vintage flower print shirt
    2 – Me no likey. It’s too short for daytime (& maybe anytime…does she have shorts on underneath?

  3. Love the outfit the sista put together w/her Boo’s shirt, belt and hat and the purse hung nicely.

    Keep bringing us the FASHION!

  4. I like the idea of this…I remember a SATC episode where Carrie did something similar with one of Aidan’s shirts (or was it Big?). It looked hot in a fantasy land (i.e. SATC NYC), but in real life, I think she might be a victim of the fashion police! There’s a thin line between fashion and faux pas…

  5. when i was in the mens department shopping for my dad’s bday gift i considered getting a shirt for myself becuz mens button up shirts come is such prettttttty colors. That girl gave me an excuse to run back and grab me a mint green colored mens shirt lol.

    naomi needs to stop beating up ppl and work on that stomach..i know im not perfect but if she’s supposed to be the baddest B**** putting folks in the hospital she can atleast look like something lol.

  6. I love the sista with the fedora and shirt dress…Classic summer chic! Great Blog by the way!

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