So on Saturday I attended Brooklyn Fashion Weekend. It was in my backyard, so I figured I could hobble over and see what it was all about.
I made my way to Northside Pier, a gallery/showroom in Williamsburg….


Brooklyn’s chic set came out in their spring best, and I of course had to snap a few pictures of Real Style:
These chic chicks were representing Clutch Magazine (www.clutchmagonline.com). They welcomed spring in cropped jackets and skinny jeans, accented with floral scarves, sunglasses, and slick hairstyles.
Ladies from the blog ‘In a Word Fab’ ( www.inawordfab.com) wore a mixture of booties with stockings and light jackets.
More scarves in full effect, whether worn for warmth or style. I loved this group’s quirky style (peep the chic nerd glasses!)…
More colorful scarves care of Alex Magazine (www.alexthemagazine.com).  The young lady in the middle wears a bold fedora and leather jacket, while her friends represent for male fashion with a striped cardigan and t worn under a blazer, and a sporty jacket and baseball cap on the right.
Trace Mag in the house! I had to snap this group–the lady is the center looked striking in nerd glasses and a bold high top fade.
And diva on the left is spring ready in a floral 3/4 length shift, while young lady on the right holds on to the vestiges of winter in a fur vest and high waisted pants.
After the show (more on that tomorrow), I caught a bit more men’s style:
Guys, are you taking notes? The outfit is simple, but what sets it off is his slick jacket, blinged out belt, and dark sunglasses. Lastly…
These ladies (friends of the designer Miss Bruno) were working all kinds of trends: Floral tops with matching pumps, belted tunics, fluttery tie neck tops with high waisted button front jeans, and billowing skirts.

Magazines are great, but sometimes the best fashion is found in Real People.
So what do you think. Did Brooklyn Fashion Weekend bring the Real Style?
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*Monday fun just because…

Thanks BMWK! Hmmm…which early 90’s styles have already made a comeback?
*Botkier is coming to Target. Yippee! [In a Word Fab]
*Stay tuned tomorrow for my Brooklyn Fashion Weekend Favorites!
*Donatella Versace…
on her matching purple luggage. Seems a bit silly to me. [NY Times]
teams with MAC Cosmetics. [MyItThings]