Since Atlanta is not a pedestrian city, a lot of the A’s most fashionable come to strut at Buckhead’s Lenox Square Mall:



Chock full of designer hot stops like Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein, Lenox is where everyone from celebs to regular folks come to see and be seen (while shopping of course!).

I popped by the mall to pick up a few things, and saw these two style mavens while recharging in the Food Court:


I loved diva on the right’s fuchsia satin sandals punched up with neon toes, and thought divo on the left was fearless in denim shorts and slouch boots. Their sunglasses (worn inside) only accented their Southern Cool.

After chatting with them, I learned that the young lady is singer Jessi J and the young man, Stacy Lev Royals, is her stylist. I couldn’t find any of their info online, so if you’re reading this, leave a comment and give me the scoop!

Until then, what do you think of Jessi J and Stacy?


PS I’m flying back to Paris today. Aargh, I’m so not into jet lag! No worries, though I have a ton of posts ready to go for today and will be back up and rested by Tuesday:)


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