I had lunch with a good friend today, and she, as always, looked cute.

I had to take a pic:


She hit a lot of the hottest trends all at once. Her vibrant orange dress was from H&M, her fashion forward footless tights were from Conway (for less than $5), her brown shoes were from Enzo, and her colorful bag was from Target. She also had make-a-statement accents: large bracelets, and nature inspired earrings that she bought from a designer in Harlem (who I’m going to have to feature in a future post).
The fabulous thing about my friend’s style is that she always manages to look well put together without breaking the bank. I could take a few lessons from her!

About her unique style, she says the following:
To me Style is like talking and walking…everyone has a way of doing it…it’s as individual as your signature. I call my personal style “AfroGlam”.

I love African culture and it always shows up in my clothes, shoes or bags. I am a fool for a print and any color! Yellow, Red, Orange or Blue all year around. I also like brass and Gold jewelry as well as jewelry that reflects things in nature.

The Glam comes in because I love being a glamorous women, I truly believe I should have been born in the 40′ s when women wore dresses everyday. I will wear a dress anywhere! It is so feminine and sexy match it ups with pumps or platforms and you are glamorous no matter how short or how tall, skinny or thick!

Finally my AfroGlam style is whatever makes me feel good, I follow trends but I follow me first. When I wake up and I put something together and start dancing–oh I am going to wear that!

Well put! What’s your fashion philosophy?



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