Happy Tuesday!
So I haven’t really had a Real Style for men since the New Year, and on Saturday, I ran into a kid in the train station who definitely had his own thing going on…


…this self described ‘Retro Kid’ reminded me of the good old days when I obsessed over Bobby Brown, the Boyz, and Al B Sure…

He was rocking the slanted high top fade with a blonde streak, a bright colored jacket, patchworked jeans, and Nike high tops (oops, just noticed the Africa medallion!).
The 80’s are coming back, but are we down for it?

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*So I was indulgently digging into my February issue of Vogue…

…and who should pop up on one of the very last pages, but one of our favorite black socialites…

Genevieve Jones!!!
She’s featured in a spread lauding “Three Jewelry Stars on the Rise.” So Madame Jones is now a jewelry designer??? I thought she was an interior decorator…or a muse…or something. Anyway, her pieces–encrusted with topaz, sapphires, and diamonds–retail for $895-$5,000 and are inspired by ethereal, whimsical ideas like “spirals, stars, and UFO’s.” Sure….I guess we all gotta eat, right? Click image to see her creations in all their glory.
*Don’t know Genevieve Jones? Read my Style File on her here.
*Deal of the Day:

…Kate Spade Beige Snake Printed Leather Garden D’orsay Pumps, $137 from $255, www.bluefly.com.

15 thoughts on “Real Style”

  1. hmmmm. now what exactly does this man do for living? because I know he wouldn”t dare step into an office with that cut.On the other hand, I’m kind of inspired by his confidence.

  2. He actually looks like one of the members from The Boys. The older one I think, but I haven’t seen a pic of them in years.

  3. I’m a costume fanatic and I totally love theme dressing; however, I do acknowledge that costume overkill can be a bit tacky. Such is true for Mr. Train Station. Another thing that bugs me about this look is that its still following a trend. I live in Atlanta and there are a group of kids called the “80’s babies” that dress like this child all day everyday–Kwame Polka dots-Gumby Cuts-Salt and Pepa Stacks with the lines on the side–Retro DOWN but its just an extreme costume in which they are STILL COPYING A TREND. Blowing a pre-existing trend into a costume party (in the daytime) lacks individuality. So is this look a real statement …..not so much.

  4. I was also happy to see GJ in Vogue. I read it at the salon. Her line is way overpriced for the quality. The same could be said for several others.

  5. well said Glitter girl…ppl tend to want to be “different” when they lack individual style so they try, but just end up like u said “following a trend” And I agree this is too much, I’m no fashionista but if I saw dude walking down the street I wouldn’t say ” I like his style” i would say “that boy looks like a fool” and what’s up with this whole 80’s baby trend?!?!


  6. thanks for the add! i immediately thought of bobby brown when i saw his pictures before i scrolled down. i am also going to pull my vogue back out and find miss g

  7. It’s a rare moment when I salivate over some shoes. I mean really… can’t wait to get off work salivate for anything, and today this has changed! I’m in love!!!!

  8. @ Kim…lol. There is actually a whole crew of them, they call themselves the Retro Kidz. They’ve been featured in a lot of magazines and ads. I see the often on the NY club scene. Takes guts to walk around NYC like that, pretty cool!


  9. I loveeeeee Genevieve her style is AMAZING! ohhh but that young man in the train station looks a mess!

  10. Genevieve Jones is fabulosity.
    New Yorker
    Classy . Refined. Diva

    …so happy she actually has a steady ‘gig now..<3

  11. I love Genevieve’s comeuppence, her style and the fact she is famous for being famous. But what exactly does she design? Does it say?

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