Happy Tuesday!
So I haven’t really had a Real Style for men since the New Year, and on Saturday, I ran into a kid in the train station who definitely had his own thing going on…


…this self described ‘Retro Kid’ reminded me of the good old days when I obsessed over Bobby Brown, the Boyz, and Al B Sure…

He was rocking the slanted high top fade with a blonde streak, a bright colored jacket, patchworked jeans, and Nike high tops (oops, just noticed the Africa medallion!).
The 80’s are coming back, but are we down for it?

Fashion, News, and What Nots

*So I was indulgently digging into my February issue of Vogue…

…and who should pop up on one of the very last pages, but one of our favorite black socialites…
Genevieve Jones!!!
She’s featured in a spread lauding “Three Jewelry Stars on the Rise.” So Madame Jones is now a jewelry designer??? I thought she was an interior decorator…or a muse…or something. Anyway, her pieces–encrusted with topaz, sapphires, and diamonds–retail for $895-$5,000 and are inspired by ethereal, whimsical ideas like “spirals, stars, and UFO’s.” Sure….I guess we all gotta eat, right? Click image to see her creations in all their glory.
*Don’t know Genevieve Jones? Read my Style File on her here.
*Deal of the Day:

…Kate Spade Beige Snake Printed Leather Garden D’orsay Pumps, $137 from $255, www.bluefly.com.