So moving was tough, but it’s coming along…my clothes are still in boxes (boo!), but hopefully everything can be arranged soon enough! In the meantime wanted to hit you with a bit of Real Style. I ran into this guy last week in Soho, and had to snap a picture…


…he said his look was a mixture of Flavor Flav, Will Smith, and Steve Urkel. I kinda liked his throwback steeze…he was definitely bringing the 80’s back full force with his glasses, suspenders, hat, and shoes. Oh yeah, and can’t miss the large clock swinging from his neck!
Anyway, what do you think? Are you digging his look?
PS Anyone know how to put together Ikea furniture?!? I swear this one device is missing like…10 critical parts!! Help!
PSS Is this for real??
My friend just sent me a link to this website, called www.ebon-aide.com

…apparently they sell band-aids, made in brown shades. If it’s legit, it’s a very cool idea!
PSSS A few friends of mine own a company called Seasoned to Perfection, which specializes in trendy, affordable, one of a kind vintage women’s clothing. They’re having their first sale this weekend in Harlem and Brooklyn.

Click to enlarge
I’m going back home to the A this wknd, so won’t be able to attend. But you definitely should look into it! Vintage…so fetch.

15 thoughts on “Real Style: Soho”

  1. pls…..he looks like he put a lot of effort into achieving that “look”. style is effrotless.

  2. kaliente: I think it is over the top, definitely not fashion!!! if i saw him on the streets i would laugh at him. He looks like he’s starving for attention!

  3. that guy looks a hot ass mess!

    and actually, I DO know how to put ikea furniture together! if u’re missing pieces go back to the store and stop by the “as-is/recovery” department, tell ’em what you need and more than likely they’ll give you those parts for free! good luck!

  4. i hope he’s just practing for halloween in that getup. i’ll defintely be checking out that vintage gear though.

  5. I don’t feel bad for saying ol’ boy looks A PLUM FOOL! A HOT MESS! A HOO HA! He needs not try THST hard to be unique.

  6. Yeah way too much. It looks like he’s trying way too hard, too many fads in one. He should have chosen a different shirt (and no clock probably either). My bf has a lot of cute casual t’s that i know he loves because they’re comfortable, but they also look good too. The Rolling Stones shirt is WAY overdone, I just bought my bf this Drifter shirt at bluefly , which i absolutely love.

  7. The guy’s look is a bit out there but he’s doing his own thing so I cant knock it. As for VINTAGE….I love it! I defintely plan to…FETCH!


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