Happy Monday!
So I was walking in Brooklyn this weekend and peeped this dude….


…who had a seriously cool aesthetic. Though I normally snap pix of women with real style, I felt this young man fit the bill with his 80’s inspired sunglasses and jacket.
What do you think?
PS The ‘terns are comin atcha. Summer schedule goes into effect this week, so be on the lookout for posts from the Fashion Bomb interns. You’ll love it.

5 thoughts on “Real Style: Fort Greene”

  1. love the basket of colourful blankets too. it’s all in the details :-)

  2. I kid you not Claire, but I would almost bet money that I rode the R train to 28th st. (to the DVF sample sale) with this very same guy today! We got on at time square and got off at the same stop…if it’s him, this time he wore purple sneakers, a purple belt with rhinestones, a subtlely tinted pair of purple shades with very low riding black jeans and a colorful shirt! With a turquoise bandana hanging out of pocket…

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