Reader Carina was super excited when actress Kyla Pratt chose to wear a dress similar to her own for the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon:


She says, “Here’s a photo of myself rockin’ the same red frock!


Which do you prefer: Celebrity Style or Real Style?

PS If you have any examples of your style vs. a celebs’, send us pix!

12 thoughts on “Reader Style vs. Celebrity Style”

  1. Don’t necessarily like either but if I have to choose, I pick Kyla. I think the black shoes are a better choice.

  2. Kyla’s dress is a better look propotion wise. Her shoe choice is better as well silver shoes are a no go these days. But good choice

  3. the dresses look the same to me. only difference is the shoes. yall stop hatin jus becuz she ain’t famous too.

  4. On the reader, I believe that her shoes and clutch are faded gold & not silver. I prefer the reader’s look because in my opinion, red and gold are a gorgeous contrast of colors. The up ‘do also better suits the silhouette of the dress.

  5. i’m not that much of a fan of the frock style dress, but i think nude stilettos would have been hot!

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