Hi Guys!
So today will be Reader Day on the Fashion Bomb!
You might be saying, “Claire, isn’t every day a reader day?”
Well, in theory it is. And in practice.

Today I’m going to tap reader knowledge to leave a bit of the ‘question answering’ up to you! But don’t worry, it won’t be all hard work: I’m supplying a couple cool prizes to a special Fashion Bomber with great sleuthing skills.
Don’t fret, I solved a few mail bombs for ya:

Reader Gina says, “I’ve been loving Queen Latifah’s style lately...”
…How can I recreate her look from the Mad Money premiere — especially those gorgeous leopard print d’orsays?”
The Queen is indeed fierce! Get her look for less with the following:

Left to Right: Lotta Stensson black lace dress, $153, www.bluefly.com; Nina Calhoun d’Orsay Sandal, $79, www.nordstrom.com.

Next, reader Gabrielle from Little Rock, Arkansas loved Rihanna’s boots in this picture…
…she says, “I was surfing the web (at work…shame, shame) and saw none other than Rihanna rocking a pair of all black boots that tie up behind the knee. I definitely don’t have her budget but I would love to see some alternatives to what she is sportin.
We all know Rihanna invests in her wardrobe, so it’s no surprise she’s wearing these Manolo Blahnik Toppers….
…on sale for $725 at www.barneys.com.
If you want a few affordable alternatives, I’ve got you covered! Try the following:
Left to Right: BCBGirls ‘Chill’ Boot, $229, www.nordstrom.com; Nine West Voot Boot, $220, zappos.com
Next, Shari says, “Can you please help me find this leather jacket Kim Porter is wearing…”
“…or something similar?!?”
Hey Shari. You’ve got great taste! Bomber Jackets are indeed cute, and Kim’s version pops in a bold, glossy color. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact match (chances are she used some Diddy money to get hers custom made), but you can go with these to get the look:
Top Row: D&G Dolce & Gabbana Gold Leather Bomber Jacket, $1,200, www.nordstrom.com; Doma Bomber Leather Jacket, $595, www.madisonlosangeles.com.
Middle Row: Lindsay Lohan Leather Jacket, $92, www.asos.com.
Bottom Row: SSGT Bomber Jacket, $120, www.forever21.com; Lux Faux Leather Bomber Jacket, $128, www.urbn.com.
Fashion Bomb newcomer Sarah said, “I was wondering if you could help me find who the designer of the purse Ashley Olsen has on…PLEASE!!”
I need it in my life!!! Thank you!
Hey! The Fashion Bomb is down for diversity, so this question’s game.
I did quick web search, and found that Ashley is wearing Givenchy’s Nightingale purse
Get it for $1,395 at www.barneys.com.
Lastly, Chisa says, “I absolutely love the shirt that the girl in this picture is wearing…
“…Can you please help me find it or something like it? Thanks!
Hey! Couldn’t find an exact match, but this Sheer Animal Print Top comes close:
…get it for $15.80 at www.forever21.com.
My job here is done.
Now for a few questions for the group. Comment if you can help!
Reader Mecca says, “Do you know of any websites or clothing stores with fashionable/trendy styles that cater to tall women? I am 5’11 with very long legs and I wear a 36 inch inseam. When I wear regular length dresses, they look too short on me, and the long dresses arent long enough to fall at the ankle. I find that if a store/website offers tall/long styles for pants they are usually not all that cute, just basic and boring styles. Thanks!
Any long legged ladies want to interject?
Also, reader Uyi says, “I’m a frequent (daily) visitor of your site and I wanted to ask you if you knew of any sites that sold size 11-12 1/2 shoes for women. I stand at 5’10 and as you can imagine its very hard to find shoes my size.”
If you know, share the wealth!
Thanks guys!
Now, for the contest.
Emerald has been the color du jour, showing up on many red carpets…
…in flowing Grecian as well as more body contoured styles.
In the spirit of going green, I’m going to give whoever can tell me the make of Gabrielle Union’s dress (or find something close)…
and the make of Beyonce’s bag…
…this fantastic green onyx accented 24k gold Oak Leaf Necklace ($178 value) by Bridget Lynne Designs (www.bridget-lynne-designs.com)…
…along with a $50 gift certificate to the super delicious French restaurant Bruno Jamais (www.brunojamais.com)…
..located at 81st and Madison in New York. (And if you’re not in New York, you have six months to plan a trip and use it!) The restaurant is blocks away from all of the upper east side’s museums and hotels such as The Carlyle, The Mark and The Stanhope, and serves yummy treats like Lobster Brulee and Foie Gras. Yum!
So e-mail me at thefashionbomb@gmail.com with the scoop. I’ll reveal the winner plus the answers next week.
Happy Searching!
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*Have great weekends!!
*Deal of the Day:
Dolce Vita Allure Cuffed Boots, $67.50 from $227, shopbop.com