Some fashion styles never get loose from the hook. They always manage to sneak into our wardrobe unapologetically, and we happily welcome them. Just like cheetah prints, white tees and jeans.

And among so many lingering fashion statements, one fashion item which has long accompanied the rave fashion scene is thigh-high socks. No matter either you are going for shorts or skirts, thigh high socks always compliment every look. And if you are looking to spice up your look, then thigh high socks are definitely the ‘IT’ thing.

They not only keep your feet warm at night when the temperature drops, but also keep them dry from precipitation during the day when the sun is all geared up.

And what makes thigh socks super cool is that they can also be used as an accessory. Yes! Some socks like fishnet and lace ones can turn from clothing item to a lit fashion accessory in a blink. And why not? They have that spark and vibe to glorify your look.

If you are looking to add thigh-high socks in this year’s rave festival look, then here are your temptations from amazing collection of iHeartRaves thigh high socks:

Fishnet Socks:

Fishnet thigh-high socks are the best to give ‘oomph’ to your look. You neither go all covered nor expose too much – perfect to have some classy look while showing a bit of skin.

You can wear them under shorts or a skirt. And if you want to be the biggest fashionista in the town, then you can wear them under ripped pants and kick start the new fashion trend.

Lace Socks:

Remember that old era of women fashion when frilled laces were the style statement and a symbol of class and simplicity? Well, even if rave festivals have nothing to do with simplicity, you can still add lace socks in your rave outfit to give an antique and classy touch to your ultra-mode attire.    

Printed Socks:

Ditching old fashion is the norm of rave festivals. And if you also want to be a signature raver all adorned in chic look from head to toe, but still want to go with thigh-high socks, then printed socks can save your rave image.

From girlish prints like butterflies and cherries, dark touch with skull prints to quirky prints like Einstein, spaceship or a whole solar system, you can choose your fashion fighter.

Scrunched Socks:

Rave festivals are all about taking your fashion sense to the next level where your fashion sense becomes the talk of the town, you become the eye candy of the festival, and people wish to look at you at least once. Scrunched socks do exactly this for you!

Scrunched socks keep your inner diva intact no matter how many colors are splashed on your outfit. And this combination of modernity and feminity is perfect for turning heads.

It is always good to have some ever-green fashion styles to make the selection process easier and to save our look. They never go wrong, no matter what is the occasion or fashion trend. Just like thigh-high socks!