The people over at Stuff Fly People Like just introduced an interesting subject:


To hold or not hold your own umbrella?

When you reach baller status, will you be a diva or completely humble?

It seems most guys require kid glove treatment:


While ladies are cool holding their own:


What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Random Thought: To Hold or Not Hold your Own Umbrella?”

  1. The shift here is evident. The roles have been reversed. Next men will need doors opened and chairs pulled out for them…Boo

  2. Girls dont want to mess their hair up and you know if someone else holds the umbrella they are not going to protect your hair as much as you can on your own…..guys dont have to worry about that stuff

  3. Im just wondering, since when did becoming a ‘Baller’ affect your hands. Why degrade someone so much to the point where they hold your umbrella? Whats next?

  4. Farnsworth is probably the most famous butler ever. I hear he’s educated, why in the world did he go so low as to hold diddy’s umbrella? What self respecting educated man would do that? And now we’re supposed to buy his album?

  5. I think its a gender thing… on a rainy day I would quicker see a guy wear a parka, throw up his hoodie, wear a cap vs pull out an umbrella to hold.
    So IMO they do want the shelter they just think holding the umbrella looks girly. Solution: have some other poor sap carry it.

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