Hi Guys,
So I’m in the worst airport in the world, Washington Dulles, and there is little to zero internet access!!!


Yeah, it sucks. I have an hour and a half layover, and it’s already taken me an hour to get online!!!
Thankfully stellar intern Adriana pitched in, taking over Mail Bombs today! I have a few minutes to post a few before boarding. Let’s do it!
Prisca says, “I love your site and wanted to know if you can help me achieve the look below...”
…Gabrielle Union is my style icon and I want to know if you could help me find her shoes in the picture below or a cheaper alternative (I am a diva on a budget lol)”
Adriana found you can get the look with the following items:
1. Double Knit Slim Ruffled Halter Dress, $139. 2. Jayanna Side Lace Sandal, $129.
Next, Cheryl from LA says, “I must know who made these shoes...”

...they’re hot!”
Adriana to the rescue! She says, “Cassie is wearing a version of these Pierre Hardy Metallic Strappy Platform Lace-up shoes...”
…These are from Hardy’s Fall 2008 line and are currently only available to pre-order. They retail for 850 Euros (or a little bit over $1,200).
Next, Soraya says, “I recently saw this jacket on Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, can you tell me where I can find it??”
Its fierce and I would like to incorporate it into my post grad school wardrobe.
Adriana says, “Blake’s purple-striped crested blazer is from Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2008 RTW collection…
“…It might be tough to still get in store but visit Ralph Lauren’s Web site to contact them or find a store near you.”
Lastly, Dee says, “Where’s the best place to get fresh water pearls? My budget is $100-200.
Adriana offers, “Surprisingly, one of the best places to get freshwater pearls is a reputable moderate department store (like Macy’s), as their jewelry departments tend to have lots of quality designs in this organic gemstone. Here are some stylish and affordable pieces:
1. 14k Gold Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace, $175. 2. Multicolored Freshwater Pearl Strand, 72″, $150. 3. Sterling Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl Drop Necklace, $70.
Adriana, you’re a lifesaver!
Hope that was enough Mail Bombs fun for ya:)
I’m sure my hotel abroad will have internet access. Hopefully I’ll be able to update regularly while I’m away:)
Until then, Cheerio, Bisous…

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  1. I love that ralph lauren jacket – I had also been wondering where it could be found, so thanks for the post!

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