Earlier tonight, I went on an Instagram posting spree, scouring the web, as I do, for celeb style moments, and uploading to social media.
It all started with Beyonce, who wore Gucci’s Resort 2018 Dapper Dan inspired jacket to the Made in America Festival.

We followed her post shortly thereafter with her hubby, Jay Z, also at Made in America, in the brand’s $3,750 jacquard parka.

Trina is down in Atlanta for Ludaday Weekend, and wore a $1,080 Gucci web detailed jersey skirt and $520 sequin socks to a bowling event.

Over in LA, 50 Cent celebrated his son Sire’s 5th birthday in a $1,100 Gucci technical jersey jacket, $780 shorts, and $190 flip flops.

And even the kids are getting in on the fun! YFN Lucci’s daughter turned all the way up at a recent concert in a $280 Gucci Girls hooded dress.

Gucci is lapping up all this popularity, seeing a record 50% increase in profits in the past year. While I’m sure they gift Beyonce and Jay Z with exclusive pieces, I’d predict most of the celebs above went to the store and shelled out thousands for the fine frocks.

Gucci has subtly acknowledged the urban community’s embrace, reportedly partnering with Dapper Dan after they were accused of copying his designs, and hiring an all black cast for their Pre-Fall 2017 campaign.

But I think the consumer should take a bit of power in their hands. Take ownership. And make some dividends from this serious Gucci resurgence. Start saving money where you can through side-hustles, using a FragranceX coupon on your next bottle of perfume and eating out less.

Buy a bag, yes, or even an overpriced logo sweatshirt. But own a part of the brand as well.

I remember talking to my father once about my shopping habits. He told me that most companies you love have the option to buy stock. Yes, you can buy a small part of the brand’s you frequent the most.

Looking at how absolutely everyone can’t get enough of Gucci, I’d say buying stock would be some sound financial advice. Get in before the Gucci fever is gone.
What do you think?
*This is purely an opinion piece. I do not profess to be a financial expert in any way.
**Contact a licensed financial advisor and ask them about buying some Gucci stock!
**A Financial Planner @JoselineHernandez360 wrote in on IG, “As you have noted, Gucci is part of the Kering Group. Therefore, you cannot purchase it solo dolo. Because it is a European company, you can purchase the ADR (American Depositary Receipt) OTC (Over the Counter) under the ticker PPRUY. It’s a decent company. Slow and steady. Expect 5 to 6 percent growth over the next two to five years. Not fantastic, but a much better investment than the Gucci handbag.”