Visit today to read a fabulous profile on our EIC Claire Sulmers!

An Excerpt, “I had to remove my fear…Had I rested in that fear, so many new doors would have never opened for me. Whatever is on your heart is an assignment from God. If you have an idea, try it. Don’t be afraid of failure. Everything I do, even if I stumble at first, even if I’m scared, I get better at it. And eventually, it becomes a new opportunity. God puts notions and inclinations in our minds that are unique to you and it’s up to you to answer that call.“ Read more here.

Also, check Claire Sulmers out on In Style Magazine, for a round up of best plus sized street style during New York Fashion Week!

See more here.

Lastly, our venerable EIC is in WWD in a profile on fabulous fur fashion.

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