At this time of year, the fashion-conscious people of the world, begin to make a flurry of purchases in time for this years winter season. It promises to be a glamorous and exciting affair, and this style guide possesses everything you need to know – and what you need to buy – on the run-down to the winter months, kitting you out to be envied and comfortable on the cooling streets.




Youve been showing off your feet and legs all summer – its time for them to retreat back inside socks and shoes. This might amount to a devastating admittance that summer is truly over, but it also opens the way for a remarkable array of stylish and in-fashion footwear, like the thigh-high black boots that look to continue in popularity well into 2019, or the builders style steel-caps – a more punk-like addition to your wardrobe thats both practical and incredibly stylish. Treat yourself to which comfortable socks too – you know youre worth it.




As the nights draw in earlier and the land cools, its time to layer up. The question is – how to apply these layers, and how to keep them relevant and fashionable throughout the autumn and the winter and well into the spring? This is your aim when buying new layers to add to your wardrobe: youre primarily thinking about matching hues and styles. In general, autumn and winter often see flame-inspired and earthy colors to reflect a turn away from dry, hot summers – show to these hues to combine a series of knockout colors for 2018/19.




Its what brings together your whole ensemble, and thats why its so important. The coat or jacket that you select should be classy, stylish, but at all times versatile to the many situations and circumstances in which youll be wearing it. Shop long and diligently for jackets for women in order to find the exact style and color to match the majority of your cool-weather clothing. Its a one-off expense that youll wear most days, quickly making even an expansive purchase earn back its value. One such coat to keep an eye on is the old-school trench: it is certainly making a comeback in time for 2019.




One of the greatest changes in a womans repertoire, when winter replaces summer, is that of the jewelry she wears. From sparking golds and glowing and colorful rocks, the colors tend to dim as winter closes in. Silver replaces gold – cool replacing warm – and blues and greens naturally replace the reds and yellows that are typical of summer jewelry. Bangles and the like generally fade out as you begin to wear long sleeves, but in their place, you may well decide to wear more rings to really make your ensemble pop on the streets.


These four categories are those must-consider areas thatll have you totally prepared to be stylish and envied for the 2018/19 winter season.