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So I recently wrote an article for AOL BV on Style on red carpet newcomer and Precious star Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe:

Gabourey Sidibe

In the article, I highlighted Gabby’s ability to flatter her body type in monochromatic frocks and separates in slimming dark colors and silhouettes that skim over her curves:

Gabourey Sidibe Precious Fashion Plus Size

While most times, she worked it in empire waist dresses and flattering shrugs, she did have a few misses:

Gabourey Sidibe Precious Fashion Plus Size

But we all have off days (even if we’re Beyoncé), and all in all, I thought Ms. Sidibe represented well for Plus Sized Stylistas!

When a took a look at the comments, however, I was blown away by the range of emotions her mere presence elicits.

While some people said, “I am so glad to see a plus-size woman in the lime-light…we should have more models and actresses over a size 14!!!” others said, “She is GORGEOUS. I only want her to lose some weight for health reasons only, just like Monique did (who is still FABULOUS). She is a beautiful person, and she seems to have a beautiful spirit.” Some really went for a negative angle and said, “C’mon people…She is unhealthily FAT….If they were doing a documentary on obesity they would use somone like her.

Gabourey Sidibe Precious Fashion Plus Size

After Karl Lagerfeld’s comments and all the hubbub over skinny models, the negativity certainly doesn’t surprise me. While her health is a concern, I’m personally glad that someone like Gabby can represent flawlessly on the red carpet in glamorous looks that suit her youth, body, and rising star status.

There are some, however, that say that her size is setting a bad ‘example’ for others and that pretty dresses are simply covering up a serious health problem.

What is your take on this discussion?

Read the article and more comments here.

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26 thoughts on “Plus Size Fashion Discussion: Gabourey Sidibe”

  1. This is very interesting since I just had a discussion with an associate over the same thing. I think this girl is very talented. I think she has made some smart fashion choices. However, I do agree that her size is a health issue and she should lose weight. Dont get me wrong I think beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I myself am no waif (I’ve ranged in size from 4 to my biggest about 18). Currently I am a size 12 so I am pretty plus myself. But I think we as black women should care for ourselves on the inside and outside. A fabulous dress or pair of shoes or new haircut is a great way to take care of yourself, but so is a jog around the block or a gym membership, etc. Love yourself truly by taking care our yourself mentally spiritually and physically. Thats the best thing we can do for ourselves!

  2. It’s no secret that she needs to lose some weight. Let’s be real, most of us could shed a few pounds. She looks in the mirror every single day and probably thinks the same thing. What really bothers me is the people who feel like they’re making some type of revelation that no one else has ever thought of. It’s as if they feel that they are the only person who looks at this person and sees this. Gabby spends more time with herself and looking at herself than people who happen to see a random picture. So instead of focusing on something she can see when getting up every morning, why not focus on something she may not be aware of (her acting). Chances are, she probably will begin to lose some weight and if she doesn’t she will still be talented. Unless you know the person personally, concern can be mistaken for ridicule, judgement and gossiping about a person. Unless you have no vices (smoking, drinking etc.) and you live the perfect life, who are you to discuss what this young woman needs or does not need to do. Furthermore, why are we so consumed with these celebrities. There’s probably some young kid in many of our neigborhoods who could use that same “concern” which has sparked so much conversation about Gabby. Try using that energy to help that kid instead so your words can be supported by action. Just a thought.

  3. It’s nobody’s place to say.. she needs to lose some weight, she’s unhealthy.. she needs to do this.. she needs to do that.. because you.do.not.know.this.woman. She could be doing that everyday. She’s not glorifying being overweight or making IT glamorous. She’s making herself fabulous. Being overweight is not who she is. People GLORIFY drugs, drinking, unsafe sex, guns, etc and nobody says anything about it based on their pictures sooo why are you all doing the same? You don’t know what she does to take care of her health so get off her back

  4. @ Stephanie

    Very well said. I agree. We don’t know her personally so we don’t know what her health is like. Because she’s bigger, some automatically assume she’s unhealthy. What about these overly skinny models? They could be just as unhealthy (i.e. eating disorders) but no one mentions that because skinny equates to good health. I think Gabby is beautiful and of course could lose a few pounds, but as Stephanie mentioned, I’m sure she knows that already. Maybe she never had the motivation (working out and eating healthy is sometimes hard to do at any size) or the finances to really establish a healthy lifestyle pattern. Hopefully that’s in the works now. She has an amazing talent and more should look past her weight and focus on that talent.

  5. Yes, she is very heavy and should be concerned with future health problems. For we all know she could currently be on a doctor’s approved weigh loss plan or something like that.

    That being said, what does it have to do with her fashion choices? You have to dress the body you have NOW, and she is doing it fabulously! I find it appalling that some people think only slimmer people should be granted the luxuriously of dressing nice.

  6. I think Gabby always looks nice and she does do a good job of flattering her body. Yes she is overweight, however given her rising star status, I’m sure she will have a trainer and nutritionist to take care of any health issues she may have. She is new to the game and will be dropping weight in no time and when she does ppl will have something to say about that too. Celebs can’t win in these cases.

  7. Just like any other celeb, sometimes I like her fashion choices and sometimes I don’t.

    I do not feel I have the right to make a comment on her weight or her health- that is her business…People love to cloak criticism in concern.

    To be truthful we all have room for improvement but my current level of self esteem- puts my focus on self love which means I have no room to tear down another female. ~ Smooches~

  8. Very well said. I feel I have no room to judge anyone about their weight because I KNOW I need to loose some weight myself. And who’s to say that she’s not happy just the way she it. It may be hard for some to believe, but *gasp* she may be happy with the way she is. Maybe that’s why she has such a beautiful spirit.

  9. i think gabby tries to do the best she can with the body she has. that being said her body shape is not particularly attractive to me nor does she really look that healthy. no one with that amount of fat around her arms really looks like they take care of themselves by eating healtfully and exercising. maybe she looks “fabulous” by wearing flattering clothes, makeup, and hair, but she damn sure doesn’t look “healthy”.

    as for people saying that no one should have any kind of commentary at ALL…GET REAL, she’s in the public eye. once you step into the spotlight you basically sign up for either the scrutiny or praise of perfect strangers. it’s the downside to the myriad benefits of fame.

  10. She is beautiful, very talented and I am pretty sure that she has a nice personality too. She is always smiling and looks happy. She seemed to be very comfortable with her body. Let’s be honest here, she does need to lose weight. Being overweight and underweight is not healthy; it does not matter if you are celebs. This applies to the general population.

    Au revoir.

  11. Y’all are really tip toeing around here with your comments. This girl is fat and mos. definitely needs to lose weight.

  12. @Liah, tip-toeing or not, I really don’t see the point. Yeah, she’s big…and? She’s still doing better than most of us, so our comments on her weight mean what exactly? She may not be shaped like Kim Kardashian, but she has more talent and personality in her pinky toe than that girl ever will. What does it mean if she doesn’t look how you want her to?

    Being “fat & unhealthy” got her that movie role, which has resulted in praise, more roles, and just may result in a Best Actress Oscar for her…so what does it mean if you don’t like how she looks? Is the value of a person (or the talent of a celeb) based on what the scale says?

  13. I don’t understand why people are so quick to defend her size. She is obese. First and foremost, it is unhealthy. I think she has a beautiful face, I’m sure she is a great actress, and I applaud her for wearing appropriate clothing. But we need to face the facts. And before you all jump on me, I would say the same thing about someone on the opposite extreme.

  14. Hmmm…. @stephanie, i think your comment was the most real and the most on point with what could and can be said. With that, let us celebrate the new young black star on the scene with an amazingly beautiful and vivacious spirit, from what I have seen on Ellen… Rather than drive this poor child into the gutter knocking her before we can even celebrate her successes…

    Get it Gaby!

  15. @Liah and @thetruth (why do we use @ when not on twitter)

    Anywho, I don’t anyone is trying to tip toe around the issue. We all know she’s obese. All I’m saying is lets move on to the next subject. Why do we have to discuss the obvious all the time. That’s not stimulating. She’s overweight, And…….

  16. I don’t understand why people go around calling her “plus-sized”. SHE IS NOT PLUS SIZE! She’s OBESE! Calling her a plus-size is like calling actually plus-sized people skinny. Plus-size people aren’t obese – they’re usually overweight, sometimes “big-boned” (though I don’t necessarily believe the latter). We need to stop celebrating her for her weight because it’s not something to celebrate – it’s something to lament. As a science student, I will never encourage anyone to remain at a weight like that because it’s DEADLY FOR HEALTH. She’s a nice actress and all, and people need to recognize her only for that. Stop telling her to she’s fine just the way she is, and spread the message that she – along with all the other obese people out there – need to lose weight, and become healthier.

  17. this actresss is wonderful at hat she does it shouldnt matter about size when it comes to a career …. Models, Actresses, come in different shapes and sizes…But as a African american woman she needs to shed some pounds for her health its already a rise for us in diabetes and high blood pressure and cholestrol im so proud of her confidence in herself but just to be on the safe side she should lose some weight th stay in shape and be fit…coming from another plus size female…mmuch love

  18. sure she’s bigger than the average. but she only needs to lose weight if she’s unhappy about herself. if she is happy with herself, let her be.

    people talking about ‘bad examples’ and such need to realize the parents arent doing a good job of raising their kids if someone like this can have such a big influence on them.

  19. And @ angel. Why does she NEED to? She’s living a wonderfull live as long as she’s happy with herself. This movie opened up doors for her, so maybe her weight is even some sort of blessing for her! Not everybody has to be the same weight and reach the same age to live a beautiful life.

  20. We protect those who can’t help themselves all the time. From drug addicts to your neighbor who smokes too much. That’s what a society is about. We look out for those in our sphere. And to say she’s “happy” and leave her alone is the opposite of a good society. There is heavy and then there is obese, she is obese. Would you let an anorexic person run around and tell them they are fabulous even though they look like they’ve been through a concentration camp? Well this girl is the flip side. She’s talented. The movie was great, but she has to shed it for her own health. Kids want to eat cake and cookies for dinner but you don’t let them, why not bring this talented young actress into reality and let her know that you can’t have fun if you’re suffering from type 2 diabetes, renal failure and heart disease by your mid-twenties.

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