While you may think that there’s nothing more to slots than just hitting a button, there’s a little more to it than that. Depending on the type of game you choose, there are different strategies you can play, and different outcomes you can look forward to. The more advanced a player you become, the more you can experiment with your slots gaming style, and there are plenty of intricate betting patterns on the internet that you can adapt and evolve in order to increase your chances of winning. For now however, we’re going to start you off with something a little more simple, and give you the basic knowledge you need to get those reels spinning.

Reel Slots: If you’re a beginner, the Reel Slots are where you need to be. Choose from machines with 3 reels or 5, and watch them pay out when you hit a winning combination on a payline. Simple, yes. Thrilling, absolutely!

Video Slots: Once you’ve got the hang of the Reel Slots, move up the gaming ladder to the Video Slots. These are guaranteed to deliver fast-paced action with every spin, making use of features like animation, cutting-edge graphics and sound, and extras like Bonus or Gamble screens designed to up your winning total when you’re lucky enough to stumble upon them.

Progressive Slots: These are serious slots for serious players – and promise serious jackpots when you hit the big one. Progressives work slightly differently to regular slots in that each bet you place on a progressive contributes to its total winning jackpot – and the same goes for everyone else around the world playing that same slot at the same time as you. The more players there are betting online, the bigger your possible jackpot could be – and the more millions you’ll have to count when you strike it lucky!

The beauty of online slots no download is that huge winnings are only ever a click away – and if your fingers are itching to get to that bet button, then it’s time for you to start clicking! All of our recommended online slots casinos promise world-class games and high-energy winnings, so get started at your favorite today and get those jackpots rolling in!