Hey Guys!
So how does it feel over there on Election Day?!?! Are you excited? Je suis tres jalouse, but trust, I made it to Fedex yesterday, and indicated to the man who helped me that my vote must get in *today*. He assured me all was fine before saying, “Gobama!” The French are alll about our boy!
To celebrate this historic day, the Fashion Bomb is having a contest of sorts! Send me pix of your voting day ‘fit, or a pic after you’ve just finished voting…the ‘winner’ will get this pair of Bell Gold Earrings from Fashion Bomb contest sponsor Pink Cherie:
..and a Fashion Bomb T! E-mail me your pictures here.
Show me what ya got! Winners will be announced by the end of the week.
And in case ya didn’t know: YES WE CAN!!! I’ll be up late at an American bar somewhere watching the results. Fingers crossed!
If you need an extra incentive, Starbucks is giving you one:

Having drama at the polls? Call 1-866-Our-Vote.