While we at the Fashion Bomb pride ourselves on finding celebrity looks for less, some questions literally keep us guessing!

So today we’re asking you, our lovely readers, for help with this early Mail Bomb:

Christina says, “These shoes NEED to be added to the wardrobe. Who and where?


You heard her!

Whoever can tell us the designer of Jurnee’s multicolored gold tip pumps will win this pair of gold dangle earrings from Fashion Bomb contest sponsor Pink Cherie:


Send a link or a picture of the shoes plus a description to thefashionbomb@gmail.com.

Good luck!

We have a winner!

Cherise from Brooklyn says, “ Jurnee is wearing Jerome Rousseau’s Dragon Pumps from his Fall 2008 collection.


“… I don’t believe Jerome has an actual store but he is very talented.”

I did a quick google search and found Jerome has a website, www.jeromerousseau.com. Visit for price and buying info!