Since a couple of centuries ago, piercings were a symbol of beauty. Currently, they are more popular with a larger percentage of women, with them having at least one piercing on their bodies.

Piercings are attractive, and if you are reading this article, then you have already decided to get one. Luckily, unlike tattoos, getting a piercing is not a life-long commitment. It is also a fast process that takes a few seconds. 

It is for this reason that we are going to highlight a few key areas where you can get a piercing.

  • Nose

The nose is a popular place where people, especially the young, pierce. A nose ring is a great accessory to add style and speak your personality. It is not uncommon for people to often say that nose piercings can be painful. Well, this depends on what particular part of the nose you pierce.

The two areas pierced on the nose include the nostrils and the septum. People are mostly afraid of a septum piercing. However, since septum piercings do not go through the cartilage, they should not be very painful – only a strong pinch. 

  • Ears

Being one of the most common areas to pierce, roughly 80% – 90% of American women have their ears pierced. Considering that the modern woman is constantly striving to look fashionable and classy, earrings are a great accessory to pair with different types of clothing.

  • Belly

Belly piercings are a fresh trend especially among teenagers and young adults. They are stylish, and it is no wonder a bearer will mostly adorn crop tops to show off their navel piercing.

Belly piercings need extra care. Bearers should follow a strict daily cleansing routine and avoid wearing clothes that might irritate the piercing until it heals. It is only after healing that you can change the basic belly ring for a more stylish one.

  • Lips

Lip piercings are nothing short of attractive. They are classified into single, double, and quadruple lip piercings. What is even better is the fact that each of these categories has a collection of lip piercing designs to choose from.

There is a myriad of lip piercing placements, with none being better than the other as it all comes down to personal preference. However, depending on a variety of factors, some lip piercings may look good on you as compared to others. The secret is to go for one that suits your style and preference.

  • Eyebrows

For the longest time, eyebrow piercings were associated with rock stars. However, as times change, getting eyebrow piercings are now a common practice among young adults.

Eyebrow piercings are an eye-catching accessory that sits well with both sexes. Just like lip piercing, eyebrow piercings present an array of ways in which to adorn your favorite eyebrow accessory. The vertical and horizontal eyebrow piercings are the most common. However, if you are looking to stand out, the bridge or anti-eyebrow piercing variations are your best suit.