Today I decided to get out of the blog echo chamber and stop by Parisian bastion of chic Colette to check out their newest exhibits, clothes, and accessories:

If you’re not familiar with Colette, get with it! Fashion lovers literally salivate over the tiny store because of its finger-on-the-pulse products, exclusive designer collaborations, creative accessories, and fashion focused books.

They also occasionally host cool exhibits. Right now, on the 1st floor, they have a bright display featuring Keith Haring inspired Tommy Hilfiger shoes…

And another exhibit showcasing the work of graffiti artist André called “André’s Drawings”:

Colette skews towards the astronomically expensive, so go there for inspiration more than to shop hardcore:

A few notes: the waitstaff can be pretty snobby and security guards will follow you, so be ready to feel a bit uncomfortable and get grilled, particularly on the women’s floor.
The men’s floor is a bit more hip hop, and sells Hype Means Nothing, Bape, and BBC…

…so the sales assistants are pretty cool (shout to Marvin!).

At any rate, it’s worth a trip if you ever find yourself in the City of Lights.

Colette is located at 213 rue Saint-Honoré in the 1st arrondissement. Also check ’em out at

From the pictures, does it look like a place you’d pop in to?



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