Hey guys!

So while in Paris, I’ve been hanging out with the new generation of blogging and online mag allstars:

Paris Dispatch, Ghubar, Fash iz Black, Paris Most Wanted

From left: Sandy and Andrea from Paris Most Wanted (www.parismostwanted.blogspot.com), Moi, Gina Jean from Model Magnet (www.modelmagnet.blogspot.com), Sarah Diouf from Ghubar (www.ghubar-magazine.com AND www.ghubar-magazine.blogspot.com) and Jean Paul, fashion editor of Mykromag (www.mykromag.com).
Check out all my homies’ websites, show ’em some international love!

Fun in front of the Eiffel Tower

We tried to do a “jumping” shot and failed miserably…lol


8 thoughts on “Paris Dispatch : Sites You Should Know”

  1. It’s like a who’s who of the blogging world – you guys look great, the second shot is fabulous and I’ll be checking out those other blogs now!

  2. You make me miss Europe so much.I can’t wait for the summer to return because I’m treating myself to a European birthday gift and visiting friends in Germany. I’ve been back in the states for nine years now and I’m still suffering from culture shock. Blogs give us what the magazines fail to give us, true diversity.

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