The latest Blackface drama involves LA-based makeup artist @PaintDatFace, who thought it would be a good idea to share a photo of a white woman he painted to look like a black woman.

After getting dragged on social media, @PaintDatFace deleted the pic of the “transformation,” but said that he “can’t offer an apology for my artwork and for what I find to be beautiful.”

PaintDatface Instagram Blackface Makeup

A lot of people found the image offensive while others thought it was artistic.

“Black face has been used to humiliate black people. OUR CULTURE IS NOT A COSTUME,” commented @beautylikebow.

I love his work,” said @zenita_smythe.

“GTFOH with that excuse,” wrote @tofuchitlins.

My question is: Aren’t black women good enough to depict themselves?

Black women in general are already underrepresented enough as it is in the fashion industry and mainstream media.

There are so many gorgeous black models who can’t get booked for jobs or have to bring their own makeup to runway shows because of their skin tone – in 2017.

Also, even in the defense of ‘art,’ we are not in a place of racial equality or harmony in our country to erase the racist undertones of blackface. We are still feeling the stings of slavery and prejudice, even today. Some things are still just off limits because they drum up vestiges of a painful past.

What do you think?