The summer has really jump started the feeling of getting out there! Weddings and special occasions are happening as are get togethers with friends and family. Donna Leah, founder and designer of the Donna Leah Designs fashion brand, says that planning what to wear is half the fun of making plans!  Choosing an outfit for a trendy Miami restaurant or rooftop soiree has a new energy after the past year and it’s being embraced with vim and vigor! The easiest way to get back to dressing up in gowns and evening wear is to focus on what makes you happy and confident and work your way from there.

Shine On All Night

Donna Leah Designs is resolved to further embrace a love of shine.  After all, there’s something magical about a bit of glow and glimmer and the way it plays with light.  The latest collection features varying fabric textures in a playful range of colors and sequins that delight the wearer in hues ranging from gold to silver. 

A Chic and Easy Date Night Outfit

When it comes to a night out, women are going mega-glam and fully maximizing every opportunity to dress up. That means elegant evening gowns, nighttime looks with sleeves or sleeveless. Sequin evening gowns are a huge trend and add a sophisticated vibe. As we move into the holiday season, Donna Leah expects this trend to continue, especially with dramatic cocktail options that wow.

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Splurge on an Investment Fashion Item 

Many are curious to find out what the big going out trends will be for fall. Donna Leah revels that custom evening gowns are going to be the big splurge in the months to come. Women are investing in stunning pieces for the season ahead.  They are looking carefully at everything from craftsmanship to fine details and selecting gowns that stand out.

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Pops of Color

Bright pops of color have been a mainstay in fashionista wardrobes for several seasons and the desire to dress up again has been a major force in its continuation.  Donna Leah says that she embraces color for its mood enhancing properties and the ability for color to bring joy and have fun with fashion again. In addition to evening gowns, the designer is playing with colors across shoes and bags.  Pinks, greens, and blues are always vibrant and bring energy to any night out.

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Embrace Creativity

The new generation of designers, like Donna Leah Designs, believes that through clothing you can say a lot about the world. Donna Leah sees designing as a form of creativity and a vehicle for self-expression.  This is the process of looking forward, of optimism, and connections with those that you care about. Over the past few years, the designer has been hard at work refining her craft with a focus on fun and sophistication.  New pieces in the collection focus on movement in long sleeve gowns, monochrome looks in PVC pastels, and nothing that is ordinary.

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