Whether you are planning a COVID-safe summer trip or your only hope is to get out of the house sometime while the weather is nice, you need to have at least trendy outfit. Clothing that is in style will make you feel more put-together, increasing your confidence and improving your mood — even as COVID continues to dictate where you can go, whom you can see and more.

When you are shopping for your summer wardrobe — which should include a few cute face masks that coordinate with your outfits — here are the colors and patterns you should prioritize this upcoming season:

Camel, Camel, Camel

After years of blacks, whites and grays, the warm tones are finally making a comeback. In particular, light brown hues like camel are dominating designer palettes, so you are likely to see plenty of beige, tan, khaki and camel clothing options in the coming months. The best part about this neutral shade is that it pairs well with essentially every other color and print, so you can pick up all sorts of wardrobe summer staples — like shorts, shirts and swimsuits — in camel to cover your bases.

Vintage Florals

Florals are one of those patterns that never quite go out of style, but the type of floral on trend can vary from year to year. This summer, you should look for delicate florals, with smaller floral patterns with romantic color palettes. These floral prints are reminiscent of the flower children of the 1970s as well as the femininity of the 1990s, and both decades remain very much in. While bigger, bolder florals are not out of style, they should only be used on oversized clothing, like broad, flowing sundresses.

Intricate Geometrics

Another element of the 1970s that has definitely come back is the liberal use of busy geometric patterns. Squares within squares, bisected circles, twisting lines and various other shapes combine to make intricate and visually striking patterns that scream “retro.” The warm vintage tones of the ‘70s are most common for these geometrics — mustard, orange, cream, brown and gold — but if you can find them in other color palettes that better suit your aesthetic, you might try them out.

Soft Camouflage

Some fashion historians believe that camouflage comes into style during times of political discontent — and there has been plenty of that of late. Instead of the bold camo prints more popular during the mid- and late-2000s, these days fashion-forward camo is a bit softer, perhaps reflecting a less intense dissatisfaction with the political forces that be. You should opt for camo prints in light, faded colors, like pastels, to capitalize fully on this trend.

Jewel-tone Pastels

Speaking of pastels, you generally want to look at light, feminine colors in the jewel-tone family, which are bright and cheery for the summer season but not necessarily aggressive or bold. In particular, minty greens, faded corals and baby blues are popular options. Because pastels don’t hold much visual weight, you should be able to use them on anything and everything in your wardrobe, from larger pieces like dresses and oversized blazers to face masks, scarves and shoes.

Yellow Pops

Yellow is a difficult color for most people to style, so thankfully large yellow pieces are not fully on trend. Instead, you will likely see pops of bright yellow, especially on handbags. The precise shade of yellow doesn’t seem to be all that important; as long as the bright yellow bag doesn’t clash with your outfit, you should find it to be a simple and stylish accent piece within your wardrobe.

Intense Embroidery

If your summer plans involve heading someplace colder, this trend is for you. Coats covered in heavy amounts of embroidery and lace are coming into style, likely because both embroidery and lace look and feel expensive. Typically, the colors of the coat and detailing are more neutral, in blacks and browns, but if you prefer bold colors, you can find fashion-forward options. Even better, if you are skilled with a needle, you can DIY your own embroidered coat, starting with a jean jacket or another heavy material that can support intricate designs.

You don’t have to get vaccinated to show off your summer style. As long as you are appropriately masked and physically distanced from those outside your bubble, you can flaunt these summer fashions fabulously.