Street Style is back! For the first time, we were on the scene at Washington, D.C.’s annual Broccoli City Festival on April 28th, and let’s just say we will be back again! The event’s main initiative is keeping urban communities active and healthy. As a reward, live entertainment from Cardi B, Migos, Miguel, Daniel Caesar and more came out to perform, which brought thousands of locals and tourists out to show off their best looks for the festivities.

Scroll to see the BOMB style we spotted from the attendees and interviews with them!


Bomb! Chauny aka @screamohchauny from Pittsburgh showed out dressed in casual yet bedazzled ensembles to turn her look up a notch!

What inspired your look for the event?

“It’s like you never know what you’re going to get. I make accessories and I wanted to make something different, so I made the headpiece and I needed to find something to go with it. I was just looking online for different sh*t and found this top.”

This neutral goddess named Jazmine aka @jazmine_brinkley from the DMV stepped into the festival giving Erykah Badu vibes with her eccentric attire!

What inspired your look for the event?

“The inspiration behind my outfit today was honestly, comfortability and being prepared for the weather change because the weather isn’t the same. I knew it was going to be warm in the day and cold at night so I was like let me just wear some knit handmade thing and I wanted to wear all neautral colors since it’s Broccoli Fest.”

Fatima aka @fatyfatimawhateva from D.C. went for a vibrant look and paired her floral white prints perfectly with her trendy white accessories.

What was your inspiration behind your look?

“I just remember on Twitter always talking about black girls looks good in yellow so I remembered to pull out my yellow fit. I didn’t like it at first because it was a short/ankle cut romper, but it was cute.”

Antonio aka @va_te_faire_foutre attended the festive day rocking an androgynous layered look in muted colored tones.

How would describe your look for the event?


Paula @lapress (left), Kristin @kristinkelly (middle) and Kelly @kellyha (right) went for a sporty chic look decked out in trendy brands while adding their own unique flair to each outfit.

How would you describe your style?

Paula said, “I like to be comfortable. I’m boyish, but I like to be half girlie.”

How would you describe yourself as a bombshell?

Kristin said, “My attitude is a bombshell. I’m cute and I pop off!”

How would you describe your style?

Kelly said, “I would describe my style as a tomboy as well so I really like street style.”


Schuyler aka @schuylerniamian from Northern Virginia kept it sleek and chill wearing all-white and added minimal yet timeless accessories to complete her look.

How would you describe your look for the event?

“I wanted to wear this at D’USSÉ Palooza in ATL, but my outfit was lost and then I finally got it back. I wanted to wear all white because that’s kind of bold yet I’m doing something simple.”


’90s vibes! Lily @lilysuniquecloset  and Ayanna (@citygalxo) each kept it bold and grungy in their own unique way. Love the cut-outs and layered threads!

What inspired your look for the event?

Ayanna said, “What inspired me was the ’90s theme. I’m very much a ’90s baby so I just thought about doing the oversized pants with a bra and sneakers…giving a little Aaliyah tease.”

Lilly said, “I love standing out so I just wanted to make something cute from my collection coming soon. I want to represent my brand. Also, I just thought it would be really cute because it goes with the Broccoli Fest theme.”

Rodney @rodneyrikai New Jersey sported a stylish casual threads with a hint of Rasta tones.

Describe your everyday style?

“I go the whole spectrum! I can wear a suit. I can wear a sweatsuit, as long as I’m comfortable I’m happy.”

Fraternity brothers Andre @juicelessj and Ephraim @chief_eph attended the fun-filled day in tropical prints mixed with sporty accessories. Dope!

What inspired both of your twinning looks for today?

“Carefree Black boy.”

 Quadi @quadidadi  was doing it for the culture rocking a “God is Dope” jumper and tribal hat to set the look off with a bang!

How would you describe your everyday style?

“I honestly just get dressed based on how I feel and I’m always in a good mood. I’m very expressive with my fashion.”


NY and VA are in the house! Dalvin (left @dalvinpolanco) and Mani (middle right @mani.senpai) from Brooklyn, Dominic (middle left @bugzzb) from Queens, and Wesley (left @wesahlee) from Virginia were stylin’ and profilin’ in bold and punk rock accents.

How would you describe your style?

“Dalvin said, “I go according by mood. I just like things that are unique and diverse.”

What was your inspiration behind your look?

Wesley said, “I just wanted to be fun and festive…not too much, but still making a statement.”

How would you describe your style?

Mani said, “Very fluid!”


What do you think? Are you diggin’ their looks?