If you’re up-to-date on your Instagram news, then you’re well-aware of the record-breaking heatwave that swept through New Orleans, LA this past weekend.  No need to check your weather app for confirmation if you haven’t heard because you won’t find it there.  The heatwave I’m referring to is Essence Festival 2018 baaaaaaaby!!

Heaps of beautifully cultured humans from faraway places gathered in the Crescent City over the weekend to celebrate black excellence and power.  The atmosphere reeked of fun energy, daiquiris, bedazzled t-shirts, unique clothing prints, seafood, edge control, and Drake’s new song In My Feelings.  Even though the sights were nothing short of comical and intriguing, we couldn’t let the happenings distract us from our mission to find the thing that really makes this festival pop – the FASHION!  On each corner, at every restaurant, venue, and hotel were natural-haired, fashionably clad individuals who made our style meter ring off the hook!   Without further ado, get into some of the Essence Festival 2018 street style captured below!

Tori Shalea

As if the streets weren’t already blazing, Tori Shalea brought extra heat in this all black, around-the-way girl ensemble!

Kierra Doyle

Red and gold were Kierra’s colors of choice for Essence Fest.  Those high-waist shorts accented her fire, red hair perfectly!

Jade Novah

How cute was Jade in this eclectic look?! Does this look make anyone else miss the 90’s, or is it just nostalgic for us??


Ososee gave us the blues in this star-printed, off-the-shoulder frock.  Cute and festive!

Pep Elease

Pep gave us some shoulder action with this fun blouse.  Denim and stripes will never steer a fashionista wrong!

Van Lenore

A jogger set was a smart way to go for a busy festival weekend like Essence.  The side detailing on this look elevated its cuteness!

Shaun Harrison

Oh you know we had to get some of the fellas in on the street style too!  How fly was Shaun in his red beret, Stevie tee, and distressed jeans?!  Oh and don’t forget about his Jeremy Scott bag!! Dope!

Samjah Iman

Bright colors always work when you’re in a picturesque city like Nola!

See more Essence Festival 2018 street style below!

Renae Antoinette 

Lee Charm


Yasmine Davis

Samjah Iman

What were your favorite Essence Festival 2018 street style looks?

Samjah Iman